When You’re Called To Wait: Becoming Living Art – Week 9 — 22 Comments

  1. “……abiding in the presence of Christ even in the midst of broken dreams and tired circumstances”

    REally really good. one year ago I retired with big dreams (which I had prayed over) feeling set free…and then my dad had to move in with us and required 24/7 supervision and help and the money i expected from retirement crashed and mostly burned….It has been difficult. and God seemed so silent, but I have learned he is still there without judgement – no shame – and waiting…..and it’s ok to be in that messy middle. because he is in it with us. Appreciating your series here. praying for you as i write this as you wait.

  2. Praying for you, friend. I loved the one quote from Emily’s book, “There is still movement in the waiting, though it may be hard to see.” And you reflected on this so beautifully. Your honest during this season continues to speak encouragement to me, and it’s obvious that it does the same for others. Love you.

  3. I’m in a season of wait and struggling to find contentment in it. I think one of my worst fears is that He will say, “no” and then what do I do? I’m praying for the faith to believe for good things even if it is different than what I want.

  4. My heart rings with yours Barbie. I have felt the Lord saying, “wait” so often and struggled to find contentment in the waiting.

    Beautiful post Barbie. May your time with Him in this season bring about every blessing, honor and glory that is in His plan. Your walk with the Lord is an encouragement & a testimony.

  5. I am thankful for your series on Emily’s book because I really wanted to read her book but have several others I’m in the middle of so this post series you’re doing is wonderful. I feel like I’m getting to read the cliff notes in a way. Waiting…..oh I am so impatient and I needed to hear these things tonight. Good stuff.

    • Thankful you are being blessed by it. This reminds me that I need to create a page and put them all in one place. Blessings!

  6. Barbie – Your writing has become so pure during this time of waiting. Your vulnerability and uncertainty speak loudly but your absolute trust in God speaks louder. I am so enjoying the rawness in your words and that complete honesty that only God can take care of. Thank you for these words and for the encouragement of listening to God in all.

    • Mary, I am so grateful for your love and support during this season. I forgot we were supposed to try to chat today. Perhaps we can schedule another time.

  7. Barbie,
    Waiting is one of the hardest faith tests….funny, but I was just thinking about some of those passages from Emily’s book this morning…and I also wrote about growth in my post….great post….praying God continues to give you hope and peace as you wait, my friend 🙂

  8. I know your pain, for I have had to wait for many blessings and renewals. And, right now, I am waitng on another promise.Sometimes, I cry-out, but then I realize that He is right there.He has never let me down. It may not be exactly what I wanted, but it is always more than I expected. I can only see this through an open heart. But, through the waiting is a burnishing…a reforming of the soul that brings new light and insight. It’s not easy, but it is more than worth the wait. Joy to you on your journey!

  9. Barbie. There is nothing more creative that when God allows us to join Him in the creative process, especially the creation of a new child. Everything takes time. His timing is perfect. He is the Creator of time. He is not subject to it. At nine months a child is born full term, at six months premature, and in the first three months it is still born. In our rush to create out of His time we may suffer a great loss. Let it be. Let Him create in His perfect, pleasing and acceptable time table. That is yielding and the rewards are priceless.

  10. Waiting is so very painful. This weekend I was dealing with such anxiety over this and God reminded me that I am not taking my waiting to Him, nor am I trusting. Thank you for this reminder. Again. 🙂

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