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  1. For the past couple years, doubt has been dogging my steps. Over and over the voice says, “You have nothing to offer. No one will be touched by your words.”

    Your honest words and all the comments show me I’m mot alone. I believe doubt is Satan’s most paralyzing weapon. But the One who is in us is greater than the one who is in the world. 1John 4:4.

  2. Tossed by the winds…that’s how we feel, isn’t it? I don’t have trouble with doubt when it comes to the needs of others. It’s doubts that I’m worthy of God’s favor. I get it wrong too often, surely that would keep Him from blessing me. I’m praying with you, “Help thou my unbelief.” ~Pamela

  3. Hi Barbie! Oh my yes, I struggle with doubt all the time. I think my vision is best when I’m looking back, not ahead, or where I should be…in the moment. I don’t tend to kick and scream, I just get sad. And confused. I think that’s human nature too.
    It’s so great to have a blogger community to support you on your way. You have so many dedicated friends who are praying and waiting with you. I am one of them. Help us all in our unbelief of Lord. We need your strength, we need your peace.
    Hope you have a day that is full of the signs of God working in your life,

  4. I have been there! I have argued and been mad and walked away from my faith. Looking back I can see how God was still actively working in my life even though all I could see was shattered dreams. Love that verse help me with my unbelief! Love you and so blessed you are in my life!

  5. Thank you, Barbie, for how you continue to share with us so honestly. I pray that verse often, “I believe, help me with my unbelief.” The doubts…they come more often than I’d like. Hugs and prayers. Love you.

  6. Yep, doubt plagues me a lot lately. I’m determined to take a social media hiatus. Sometimes reading others’ successes (aka friends on Facebook) all the time makes my tiny accomplishments look very pale! The comparison trap rears its ugly head and I know it’s time to disengage.

    • Oh friend, I know all about comparison. I’ve been there, and am still there. You are unique and have a voice of your own. Don’t allow the success of others to cloud your vision. Keep running the race girl! He’s with you!

  7. Yes. At times it seems daily. Thank you for having the courage to hit publish. He is doing great things through you.

    For we know brothers and sisters loved by God that He has chosen you. 1 Thess. 1:4

  8. Oh my. You have perfectly described ME. Really- thank you for your transparency. I often find myself tossed around by shattered dreams and disappointments, and I wonder if I will ever really get over it. It comes in waves. I’ll do great for a while and then it hits me and I’m knocked back down. During those times I want to run away. I remind myself to cling to what I KNOW, even though I’m not feeling it. But where can I run from His Spirit? I’m grateful that He pursues me. Even when I am doubting. Especially when I am doubting.

    • It’s so hard to pursue Him when we can’t feel Him, isn’t it? But that’s the walk of faith, the journey into the secret place. We walk by faith, not by sight or what we can feel. So thankful you stopped by Olivia!

  9. I seem to be overcome by doubt lately. Some areas more so than others. I so appreciate your transparency, Barbie. I love to read your words and ponder them for myself. Thank you for making me step back and look at things through a different lens.

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