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    • Hi Susan! I know we didn’t coin the term “media missionary” but yes, there is a WIDE OPEN field for media-types to go and tell the story of where God is at work all around us. And to be the presence. So important. Thanks for being here with us today!

    • Hi Shannon! You are a gracious swig yourself! 😉 Trust only that this advice was applied deeply *just this morning* when I felt the urge to snap and snarl and went for a walk instead. I’m learning that God is indeed THE Deliverer but He does so in the ways so different and much more lasting than the things we think will satisfy. Bless you Sister!

  1. Sweet Lorretta, so good to find you here at Barbie’s precious blog today. Two of my faves in one place. As always you weave words to speak truth and it is a voice which needs to be heard again and again. Bless you for your courage and your vulnerability.

    • Hi Patty! The feeling is WAY mutual my dear. Thank you for encouraging me on and for spurring me on to “good” words every step of the way. Blessings!

  2. I LOVE this, Lorretta! This is so, so good, and clever. You witty thing, you! I’m sharing this, you know, for all those crazies out there on my facebook page. *wink* A joke, a joke. Oh, and I get the clamping my mouth shut and fingers twitching. Yes, the best thing is to not say anything at all. I do stand up for myself sometimes if need be, but I hope to be kind about it. 🙂 Love you! Barbie, thanks for having my dear friend, Lorretta!

    • Well Nacole you know… it takes one to know one eh? 😀 Truth be told, I’ve learned more in my life from my own mistakes and from watching others than I ever have from doing things RIGHT. I think the most important lesson I’ve learned in the history of ever is that I’d much rather be silent and be *righteous* than try to prove myself to be *right*. Somehow, when I choose this route, God vindicates me EVERY time. Blessings Sister!

  3. Loretta. Loretta. Loretta.

    Dude. We are so much more alike than I even thought. People have told me they believe I could not have ever been mean. I appreciate that they see my love-heart now. But I have to bite my snarky inside too sometimes.

    It’s grace that we can do this, girlfriend.

    Just yesterday I wrote a post titled “Why Are Christians Do Mean” – after a Google search for something – “why are Christians …” – landed me that as the most popular phrase. Yikes!

    Your whole post here is a great companion to my post! Love this.

    Ps – snarky isn’t ALWAYS bad. 😉

    • Uh yeah Heather… I hate to confess but … yeah. I know there’s a loving bit of humor that goes a long way with snarkiness but you are correct– people are mean and Christians can not be excluded from the mean category. In fact sometimes it’s worse because we EXPECT better–and should. I’m glad we have SO much in common! 🙂 But I’m not surprised!

  4. Ha Missy! No… it was along the Eastern seaboard though. Think further South! I don’t want to be labeled libelous by their tourist industry so I won’t name the location! 😛 Yikes!

  5. Loretta, I LOVE the way you tend to your word-garden! Amen. To every bit of this. Especially, though, the bit about knowing this about yourself and knowing that Satan knows it about you too. Sigh… I have to be on guard for the very same reason. But God surely is faithful to clamp my lips, when I ask Him to! Praise Him for it!

    My only request is, please tell me that you’re not talking about a four or 5 foot fella on the Jersey shore?!?

    • Ha Missy! No… it was along the Eastern seaboard though. Think further South! I don’t want to be labeled libelous by their tourist industry so I won’t name the location! 😛 Yikes!

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