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  1. I have had the blessing to visit Ginger and read her encouragement. The tagline “where spiritual meets practical” is so telling because one with out the other does;t provide the clarity we need. Loved learning about who you are Ginger and Barbie thank you as always that we can link up with all the other wonderful writers! Happy Weekend to all!

  2. Ginger, it was nice to see you here at Barbie’s today. I know I don’t get by your blog regularly but it really was a pleasure to get to know you a bit more here. I love when Barbie shares her friends with us. And I have a big heart for other military families. THANK YOU to yours for your service. God bless.

  3. Hi Ginger and Barbie! (My husband is an ex-marine and was stationed in Okinawa too.)
    I really enjoyed meeting you today! It’s always fun to meet new bloggers with a heart for God. I’m so impressed by your passion. That is such a beautiful Spiritual gift! And the way you feel led by the Spirit when you write. Love that too.
    Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself with us today 🙂

  4. Really enjoyed the interview and hearing about you Ginger! I share some of the same passions and look forward to reading more of your blog. Thanks Barb for introducing us!

  5. Great post, Ginger. It was such a blessing meeting you in person at Blue Ridge. Thank you for sharing your wisdom — and I, like Marcia, want more details about the hair dryer!

    I share your passion for women’s ministry, mentoring, and blogging. 🙂 Blessings…

  6. Nice to meet you, Barbie. I met Ginger at a writer’s conference two years ago, right, Ginger? I am so glad you are blogging regularly and hope to see a book from you soon. My own writing is picking up this summer, and I hope to get some much needed momentum.
    There is a Swihart family in my church here in Pittsburgh. Wonder if it is any relation.
    Barbie, if you are homeschooling your young teen, you might be interested in my teen bible studies. Would be happy to send you one.
    Sherree Funk

    • How fun to meet up with you here, Sherree. I’m so glad your writing is going well. Looks like you’ve got some great studies available. I love your focus on teens! Many blessings!

    • I thought for sure I would get electrocuted, but it turned off and I pulled it out of the toilet.The cord had gotten caught on the toilet paper holder and when I lifted the dryer to style the top of my head it yanked the dryer out of my hand.

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