Lost: Five Minute Friday — 34 Comments

  1. My computer crashed last week and I’m still playing rebuild and catch up on so many things. I was SO thankful to find this beautiful post in my inbox. Rejoicing with you, Barbie, and praying.

  2. Barbie, it is so good to have you back. Your words are always such an inspiration. As much as I missed you I am also encouraged that He met you in a mighty way during your time away. Thank you for sharing the struggle and the rewards so openly and honestly.

  3. Yes, you are never lost with Him. How inspiring that you have let Him have His way with you and not struggled or refused to obey through this season He has had you in. I like the new design of your blog, too.

    • Thanks Laura! Interestingly enough, I haven’t landed on this particular design. I do like it, but I’m waiting to purchase a theme that I think I may really love. Have a blessed weekend.

  4. Barbie, asking Him to give you the words to write down first for Him, then for yourself, and if fitting, then for the rest of us! It has been amazing watching you tread through these past few months. Your determination and yes, patience have been an encouragement to me as I have been struggling with similar doubts and burdens about my writing. Today once again you encourage me with these words. May my prayers reach God’s ears and heart so that He may bless you once again with the richness of His words.

  5. Love you, sweet friend. And I just loved when I got to these words, “He sings over me with joy and smiles at the thought of me.” Yes, indeed He is. Sending hugs your way. xoxo

  6. Girl – I love you so! You are such a gift… and even this time away – this time called apart… you are giving us grace and boldness to pursue Him and run after Him, even if/when it means stepping away from the screen and giving our own blogs a rest! (Speaking as one who is on a much less Bossy -self imposed- schedule for Blogging this summer! You have given me grace to listen to Him more than any of the other voices that tell me what I should be doing!

    Oh – it’s so SO NICE to have you back!

  7. Passing along His gift this morning: “The Lord your God is with you, he is might to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.” Zephaniah 3:17

  8. Barbie, Yes, He IS looking for you, pursuing you, wooing your heart even in these lost places. Your heart poured out here is just so tender, so beautiful. I have no doubt that this season of losing your voice and finding more of Christ will be a hallmark on your journey and many will be touched by what you’ve learned through it. Praying for you this morning. Thank you for sharing so vulnerably.

  9. Welcome back, Barbie! I know that feeling – due to work and stuff, I have only been writing once a week – and I miss the words swirling – I feel lost without them, too. Sometimes I wonder if He thinks, “That swirling feeling? Not everyone thinks that. I’ve given you a job, a gift. . . Go to it – I gave it to you. . . let it bless you.”

    I think your writing voice sounds like a friend gone on a long trip and come home!

  10. My friend,

    These past months have also found me lost in a sea of not writing, not yearning, and not knowing where to go next. Thank you for being honest about the process, it helps to know we are in it together no matter how big or small we are in the blogging world. God holds onto us. oxox

  11. Getting LOST under the shadow of His wing. What bliss! And yet it’s so, so easy, I think, to rather get lost in the “doing” and in “being someone.” Thanks for the reminder that being found in him is SO MUCH BETTER.

  12. His words will flow through you again. Your soul will light up at the broad net He casts to take those words to all who need to catch them.
    Lots of love, Barbie.

  13. So glad to see you back! Yes, sometimes our own words can seem lost in the big open world of the internet yet I’m proud of you for being brave and sharing today! It was wonderful to see and hear from you again! You have been missed! 🙂

  14. Barbie, it’s so good to have you and your words back. It’s hard getting back into the flow and rhythm – like walking across a current. We have surely missed you, too. We can do this! I hope that your time away has given you a new perspective and drawn you closer to God. I hope that it is truly freshly brewed. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Amy! It’s been a hard journey back to pulling out words. I’ve so missed the FMF community and am thankful for the open arms extended, despite my absence. Praying you have a blessed and beautiful weekend.

  15. Barbie, I am beginning to realize that although we “feel” lost, we truly are never lost. Each and every part of our journey, even the silent days, are the very process He uses for us to find ourselves in Him. May you feel His Presence with you today!

  16. It is inspiring to see how you are clinging to the truth that you know in the middle of the storm: Jesus sings over you and smiles at the thought of you. I am praying for you sister, right now. Keep clinging!

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