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  1. Barbie: Thank you for introducing Shelly!
    Shelly: I totally wanted to be a librarian when I was a kid! Thank you for your beautiful words. It’s something I definitely need to consider in the day to day. I spend time thinking on Him and what I know of Him so I can encourage my corner of the blogosphere, but do I truly make room for Him to talk to me each day?

  2. Shelly, thank you for allowing me to share this beautiful post with my friends. You are such an encouragement and a blessing!

  3. Barbie: Thank for sharing Shelly. It’s so fun to see her in this space.
    Shelly: Thank you for your encouraging words. Oh, yes, I need to allow more space for Him. I let Him get crowded out too often. Wonderful, gentle reminder. <3

  4. Awwh, my heart was blessed to see Shelly pop up on your page Barbie. She is one of my favorites too! Shelly this was a great article. So glad you have the blessing of your husband close by. I also have that blessing in getting to work close with my husband. I could relate to the lunches and talking to each other through the walls. Loved getting to know you are surrounded by such love!!

  5. Shelly, what a wonderful piece! Thank you, for sharing and giving us “food-for-thought.” And, Barbie, thank you, for sharing Shelly. Cynthia

    P.S. Hopping over to your blog!

  6. Oh, Shelly…I want Him here all the time! And you know what? He is! He never leaves our side. The problem is that we don’t always feel or see Him. But, even in those times, I can rest assured that He is here, because nothing, “no nothing can separate us from Christ’s love!” Love you, Joan

  7. Agreeing with Joanne’s comment. A wonderful analogy of the time He wants with us and are we making room for Him in our space. And I just adored that picture of you and your man. Made me smile big. Love you so much. <3

  8. I loved reading more about you, Shelly! It is wonderful your husband is able to work from home & be with you. This was a beautiful analogy as to how we need to make space & time to spend with our Lord. May we not crowd Him out of our space. Have a wonderful day! Blessings!!

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