On Writing Brave — 8 Comments

  1. Barbie, I just read your very brave story. I want to weep with and pray over that scared and wounded teenage girl you once were and I want to hold your trembling hands now and pray continued healing over the scars that still remain in your heart while giving praise to the Great Healer and Redeemer for the work he has already accomplished in your life. Thank you for trusting him enough to give a voice to this part of your story. I wholeheartedly believe with you that God will use this powerfully in the lives of others. Keep writing brave, my friend. You inspire me to do the same.

    • I can feel your prayers Becky. I am so grateful for a community who surrounds me with love and grace, time and time again.

  2. All praise and glory to Jesus, the One who comes and rescues us from sin and darkness, without judgement or condemnation! Barbie, this had to be so difficult for you to write, but you followed Him and obediently kept writing brave. I have no doubt He will use it in ways you may never know, as well as to heal and comfort you.
    Blessings to you friend,

  3. I wish I could walk into your office right now and just hug you. How can a heart hurt and yet rejoice at the same time? I am so very thankful, Barbie, that you know the love of Jesus. It takes time, I know, but He will completely heal your heart. Have blessed weekend.

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