The Weekend Brew: Of Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness — 25 Comments

  1. I can’t see the entire new theme (but at least I figured out how to get my comment to go through finally – lol) since I’m on my phone, but I love that rose. 🙂

    I’m ever so thankful and pray consistently for Christ followers to raise up their voices for all oppressed. Especially close to my heart is abortion. My abortion experience opened my eyes. It’s been one of my most read posts and I understand why. I’m tackling it in my book too. Our voices NEED to be heard as God leads. Thank you, Friend, for heeding His call here.

  2. Beautiful, Barbie! I am so grateful for the freedoms given to both by our country & by our God. May we be faithful to pray for our country today & every day! Have a wonderful & blessed weekend!

  3. There are so many in need of prayer during these troubled times; amen Barbie! Thank you for this beautiful tribute to our country; we also have so much to be thankful for. Our God is an awesome God!

    Blessings; have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  4. Oh, how fine, Barbie! The truth of the beginning of this nation, God’s Truth, and the reminders of those who are still fighting today for the freedom that we too often take for granted. I am not doing that these days, I am glad to say, though. I completely agree with the final words of this post – oh, how we need our LORD right here and now. I find myself saying, “Come LORD Jesus, come.”
    May we celebrate the freedoms that Christ has given to us, ~ linda

  5. Praying for freedom for all today – freedom from persecution, freedom from physical disabilities, freedom from feeling unloved and the list can go on! I do believe that God pursues us and America. He has never stopped believing in us and now it is our turn to the do the same by believing in Him. Happy 4th, Barbie!

  6. God has blessed this country so much since its beginnings. But, just like the Israelites did centuries ago, many have turned away. We’re in a bit of a wandering time now. But, I pray that we come to our senses. Let America bless God!

  7. Amen Barbie! What a great post and I am thankful too. Our Hope is in the Lord!! Joining in prayer with you today for our country.
    lovelove and blessings xo

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