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  1. Hi, Barbie! So often it does feel like we walk this road in life alone. But, just as you had also said, I am SO thankful that He will never leave or forsake us! I love reading and keeping His promises in my heart! They are often what get me through the toughest times. Thanks for sharing and hosting this link-up!

  2. Love your painting and your heart. This really spoke to me today >>> “This road I walk is temporary, and the steps I take are for a greater purpose.” I get discouraged at times thinking He must have more for me than this . . . mainly in terms of my job. It’s a good job but is this really it?? But they are steps toward a greater purpose. That really helps to stay focused on.
    Thank you for the encouragement.
    Love you so much.

  3. “But that is exactly what faith is, a pressing forward into the unknown” and that is so hard at times. But also exciting because even though we can’t see what’s around the corner, we know God can, and he is to be trusted. Thanks for this, Barbie!

  4. I remember learning God’s light is just where we need it. Enough to just step out when we need to. This is a beautiful painting that represents that, Barbie. And beautiful words to match. 🙂

  5. What a beautiful and reassuring thought, that you can’t escape His presence! There is a quote and I don’t know who it’s by, but it says the teacher is always quiet during the test. Maybe the test is pressing into Him even when we can’t feel His presence. Here’s to pressing in and always moving forward along the path. 🙂 Beautiful painting!!!

  6. One of the most stabilizing forces anchoring me to ‘the path’ and propelling me forward, is an occasional look back. His faithfulness and consistent trustworthiness brightly mark the places I’ve already been. The path behind me reminds me he will be there in the places I cannot see ahead, One step at a time – remembering, he is good – he is always good.

    I enjoyed visiting your community today Barbie, thank you.

    • Pat, I’m so thankful you stopped by! And yes, going back and seeing His hand and His faithfulness is so powerful to move us forward. Have a blessed week.

  7. He walks before us, guiding, clearing the path. He walks behind us, our rearguard, protecting. Your painting is beautiful, Barbie. How like our Father to minister to you with the very same gift He’s given you, to minister to others! Have a blessed week!

  8. Yeah, I always want the path illuminated further than one or two steps out too. I always said I didn’t mind going from point A to point B, I just wanted to know what was in-between before I got there. Not gonna happen though, is it? One day…one day…our faith will be sight. In the meantime, we will just spur one another on down the path that God has chosen for each of us. Much love to you!

  9. In Ephesians in the Amplified Verson is talks about the good works God has prepared before hand for us to do and the path He prepared beforehand to walk. Oh, how I want to stay on the center of the path God has for me! I love your painting of the path.

  10. I know what’s it like to desire something tangible, a sign from God. And when I least expected it, He showed me. I’ll never forget it. If I find myself feeling alone or empty, I remember what He did all those years ago. Because when He displayed His presence I was at my lowest – acting unloving and unfaithful. What a Father we have! Blessings!

    • Going back and reflecting on the testimony of the Lord, what He’s done in our lives, gives us fuel to keep going. Have a beautiful week my friend.

  11. What a lovely painting! I’m in the middle of trying to press forward in faith while longing for something tangible… Thanks for the encouragement.

  12. Hi Barbie! What a great read for me today. Faith…sigh. It’s an everyday rededication to believing that God is here with me, and knows the plan. I am the kind of person who likes the schematics, but God doesn’t work that way, does he?

    Have a blessed weekend 🙂

  13. Barbie, I LOVE the painting. The creativity of the Holy Spirit is such a wonder and such a joy when He expresses Himself through our gifts. Thank you for sharing your heart and your painting. Yes this walk of faith is sometimes a hard thing when our hearts long for something tangible.

  14. So beautiful Barbie! I know that standing firm in our faith can be a long hard climb, and a long wait clouded by fear and doubt. But genuine faith is strengthened when we wait and believe that God’s promise will be fulfilled. Faith gives us the assurance that God is able to fulfill all His promises!! ♥

    Love you dear; have a blessed and faith-filled weekend!

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