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  1. Thank you for this. I am beginning my own journey of writing bravely… because I fully believe that God gave me my story… and my writing… to open the door for others. So many stories that need to be heard sit in silence. And I’ve finally come to the place where I know that my story has the ability to bring others into the light. Sometimes it’s hard, though. There were parts of my story I never though I would share with anyone. But God is preparing me for just that. After years of being confident in my writing but ashamed of story, now I’m finding myself eager to tell my story.. but less than confident in my writing! Anyway… your post was something I needed to see today… the encouragement I needed. Thank you.

  2. wow, i had never read the post barbie til you linked to it today. i think you wrote it in a season where i just wasn’t reading blogs at all for a while. i <3 you and admire your vulnerability. God is amazing how He can snatch us from the pit and make beautiful things out of what the enemy intended for evil. hugs friend.

      • I think I got to this from your post on another site that was on your 2015 reflections… And I just realized that because I read it yesterday from my reader didn’t mean you posted it yesterday! Oh dear! Haha! Well, just wanted you to know that I am thankful for your willingness to share with people and let God be glorified. ❤️

  3. This allegory we are reading together is so very timely, is it not? I sense God is changing your name, sweet, Barbie. It is already written in the Book of Life. I wonder if what we read there will surprise us? No, every story is not meant to be told. And sometimes the telling is done with wrong motives. But it’s clear that your telling is done out of obedience to God and love for His children. And so there will be blessing for the Teller and the Hearer alike. Praying for you.

  4. “But what led me there was not so much the telling of the story but the “what will people think” mentality.” I know, this can be a hard one to overcome. I will tell you what I think about this and you. I think what happened to you is horrible. I think you ae brave for stepping out with your story in faith that others will be able to find a measure of healing in it. I think you are precious and special. I think you are BEAUTIFUL and I do not judge you. Not now or ever.

    Blessings. 🙂

  5. Barbie…So many times this past year, as I’ve sat here to write my weekly Joy Day! post, I have had to face fear as well. I haven’t chosen this journey. Though I no there is no failure on our parts, it surely feels like failure. It’s so easy to worry about what people will think rather than share what’s difficult to share. The beauty of it is in the process. God uses those posts to encourage and strengthen my heart. And fortunately…he is gracious to use those words for someone else too.


    • I love you Diane. I know you’ve been going through a season. I am lifting you up in prayer. I am sorry I haven’t been more of a presence in your space. I will do better. You are one of my constants and I want to cheer you on!

    • Oh Ashley, do not let the enemy try to trip you up with false accusations about your writing. You write brave…..ALL THE TIME. Your heart is truly yielding to the Father and it comes through in your words. Keep writing, and know that you touch many and bring glory to His Name. Hugs!

  6. Barbie, you are such a gifted writer and so full of love. Your relationship with the Father always comes through your writing.

    Sharing our vulnerability can be difficult, but know that you aren’t alone! We are all connected through similar struggles and always through God’s grace.

    Love and hugs!

  7. I loved every bit of this, Barbie. I love the brave you who is telling her story but I also your heart for others that is so revealed within your words. There is an understanding for where others may be in their journey toward healing. There is always a softness and love in the way you write. And the way you end is spot on >>> “When we rise from the ashes with wobbly knees and hearts beating fast with sweat dripping from our brow and we say yes to God, we can be sure of one thing: God will be glorified.” Thank you for being brave, friend. Thank you for the words you write that always bring glory to Him. Love you so much. xoxo

  8. Oh Friend this is absolutely beautiful & POWERFUL!
    There are COUNTLESS statements of TRUTH within this post.
    I am PROUD OF YOU for sharing your story & for acknowledging the RISKS involved in doing so. I completely relate to those fears and struggled to share my own story… but “When we yield our stories to the Holy Spirit, the outcome of our story no longer belongs to us, but it belongs to Him.” You NAILED IT!!! This is the key in all our writings: to yield our lives, and stories to the Holy Spirit, so that He can use us. The risk are worth it when the story is in our Maker’s hands.

    Gosh I love this! I love that you are writing from your heart & sharing from your heart. We wrestle and we fight, but in end, when we yield to the Holy Spirit, He does His greatest work in & through us.

    I love you & I LOVE your heart!!

    • I love you Satin! Thank you for encouraging my heart today. I ponder and wait and ponder some more. But I know that in the obedience and in the telling of my story, God will be glorified. Hugs!

  9. When I first started writing I was scared and wrote In whispered shadows hoping no one would hear – that no one would care. Then one day I was asked to step out of the shadows and move with unknown confidence that what was shared from the heart, the yielded heart, was planted there to make a difference. Each bud sent out to bloom is sent under the covering of His mercy and even when it is crushed the fragrance is sweet. Nothing In the hands of the Living God is ever done in vain. You are brave – be of good courage and write.

    • You are precious to me Chris. This…..”Each bud sent out to bloom is sent under the covering of His mercy and even when it is crushed the fragrance is sweet.” Yes! Even when crushed, I want the fragrance to be sweet. Blessings!

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