The Written Word: Kisses of Heaven Etched on My Heart — 18 Comments

  1. I absolutely love the words to tweet-a written word in due season is like a kiss from heaven etched on my heart. That would make an awesome card that could be sent to another. How beautiful! Love your heart for encouragement and joy in doing so. Love you friend!

  2. Barbie…a sweet testimony to how cards and letters have a great impact. I am doing the FMF this third round and have been blessed by how God is moving my heart to encourage others. Thank you for being a friend who always blessed me. Hugs.

    • You will love the cards, and you can cancel at any time. I have more cards than I can send now, but they sit on my desk at work for the staff at my church (where I work) to use as well. Blessings!

  3. Oh Barbie, yes ma’am! I adore those painstakingly personal hand-written treasures that come via snail mail! What a gift the written word is, just as It was intended to be when first given to us some thousands of years ago. I am encouraged to go put pen to paper now. Thank you for a beautiful encouragement today, friend.

  4. Love your box for your cards and I need to check out that Dayspring subscription. I too want to encourage others more through the lovely snail mail. I had signed up for the FMF session but backed out last minute because I was afraid I wouldn’t stick with the commitment with everything going on right now. But . . . it’s still on my heart to encourage this way. These posts are inspiring me. YOU always inspire me. Love you so much. xoxo

    • The cards are beautiful. At least I know I have something for every occasion and hopefully the cute little box will remind me to use them. I didn’t do well with my commitments on the last 2 rounds, but am up to speed this round. I hit a wall and a hard season, but was so encouraged by the words of others. Love you friend!

  5. I love your heart, Barbie- and I really feel the same about so desiring to use old fashioned writing and mail to share words of love and encouragement. I also like to send hand made cards. And yes, like gentle kisses are such gifts for us! Hugs.

    • What I am realizing is that it only takes a moment. Now, if I can be ahead of the game on the birthday calendar and remember to send those cards early, I will be in good shape. Thanks for stopping by Dawn!

  6. Love that kiss from heaven! You are such an encourager, Barbie, with your words here and your words for specific people at just the right time. Thanks for your example, my friend!

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