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  1. You write with such honestly and from the deep place that God guards for you! We are a community and you know how I feel about you and coming to this place to share and encourage. Sharing stories together and using our words to honor God is such a privilege and I love that we are in this together. Love you!

  2. Barbie, thank you so much for this fresh breath of encouragement. I needed this today as I struggle a bit through the ups and downs of my own writing journey. Good to remember why I write: to remind others (and myself) they are not alone and to point the way to Jesus. Thank you for your writing. xoxo

  3. This right here sums it up so well, Barbie >>> “But our stories are meant to intertwine on paths crossed as we allow God to breathe hope and life, one to another.” From the moment our paths cross God has used you and the words you share to breathe hope and life into me. You, friend, are a blessing from God and I just love you so much.

    And, I am always delighted when you are able to join in for Three Word Wednesday. 🙂

  4. I can relate to this in a very personal way. As a teenager, I also wrote dark poetry to help me cope with life. Now, as a believer, I feel God prompting me to share the words He gives me in order to encourage others in their walk. Thank you for sharing this with us today. I know I am blessed when I read your words, and I am sure that others are as well.

  5. “I would have loved to redeem words laden with hopelessness.” Barbie, I believe He has already redeemed them. What a beautiful post and I am grateful you are sharing your words and your story. I’m visiting from Kaitlyn’s site.

  6. Barbie, I am so grateful you share your words for me to read. You have blessed me so often whether the words be many or few 🙂 Seriously. May we all come to realize how much we truly do need one another. May we all continue to encourage & spur one another on in this hard journey of life. I can only imagine the rejoicing we will all do as we high five coming across our finish lines. Keep going, Barbie, keep going!

  7. hey Twitter friend! Thanks for posting a link to the #FMFparty. I forgot to check back to the blog…and how encouraging this morning to read Kaitlyn’s post and yours! I used to keep my BlogSpot journal (first one started back in 2009) private. Just for me and my family. Then I realized that if I was reading others’ blogs and getting encouraged…perhaps I could encourage others too. Bravely we go public! So glad to be a part of this sweet Christian community of women who blog. Keep writing and loving on your family! p.s. I’ll do the same. 🙂

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