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  1. Beautiful post Patty! I was looking at the shells left after the “storm” myself this morning, Your post is a beautiful affirmation that nothing can separate us from the love of the Lord!!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this encouraging post. We, too, have gone through times when we feel pulled under by the tides of our circumstances. We often fight the tide with all that we have because we don’t trust that God is going to keep us afloat. We found that we just need to hold on, keep the faith, and trust God to get us through it. It is easy to say once we have come up for air, but we need to trust that He is there even when all we can see around us are the crashing of waves. Thanks, again!

  3. Beautiful post. It took me losing my father and going through the aftermath of that loss– of he who was my best friend and anchor in this human world– to realize that God never leaves you. I was holding to my faith by the tip of my fingers and while this past year was brutal in trying to reconnect with God, I am finally seeing the light. It is a great feeling. So yes, I truly believe when you say “He hasn’t saved you once so that He can let you drown now.”

  4. I love meeting Barbie’s friends! Nice to meet you Patty. This was a powerful message. And these words right here are beautiful truth >>> “He hasn’t saved you once so that He can let you drown now.” Thank you for sharing your story and your heart at Barbie’s place. I really, really loved your post.
    And love you, Barbie.

  5. Thank you. THANK YOU!!! After just crying out to the Lord and feeling that under-tow, I came online to read Patty’s words. I am right there – a much needed and timely encouragement and affirmation to hold on and stay the course. There is God’s comfort in your words to me today. Thank you . . . off for some freshly brewed TEA to stop and count my blessings and His mercies new everyday and sufficient for the task!
    Joy to you!!

  6. I think you described exactly how going through the storm, yet not going under feels like. He gives us just what we need each day, doesn’t he? We’ve recently come out of a storm that I didn’t think was ever come to an end, and I came across a verse in Psalms that described EXACTLY how I felt it’s Psalms 30:1-12, just to paraphrase,”I’m about to burst with song; I can’t keep quiet about you. God, my God, I can’t thank you enough.”

    So good to meet you through Barbie’s place!

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