Five Minute Friday: Change — 30 Comments

  1. Barbie, I think I could have written this post. We seem to be in similar places although I don’t know the particulars of yours. I am in a season of needing to trust. Just before I read your post, my anxious thoughts of the unknown future threatened to take over. Your post calmed me and reminded me that God has already gone before me into the future, no matter what happens! Blessings to you!

  2. These are some good words right here, Barbie. Great post! I know how much you enjoy FMF so it’s wonderful to see you joining in again. Holding you close in prayer ALWAYS. Love you. xoxo

  3. “Falling out of trust.” Love that. That is what we do when we fear change — we fall out of trusting the One who makes all things new, even in change, even as we get older and resist the change that still comes to those who believe. Thanks Barbie for your thoughtful words.

  4. this is good…so good. had never stopped long enough to connect trust and change, but you are so right. thanks for the reminder and the encouragement. stopping in from five minute Friday.

  5. Yes! I think a major reason we resist change is that it takes us out of our comfort zone. But yes, we have a God who loves, leads, and protect us. All we need to do–though it’s easier said than done–is trust Him.

    • Melissa, I so agree. I’s hard to be taken out of our comfort zones as God stretches us into places of trust. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

  6. It makes my heart smile to be receiving these little gems from you again, Barbie! Your perseverance is a beautiful thing! One of my most constant prayers is, Lord, increase my faith!, I thought of that as I read your words this morning about trust. Trust and faith walk hand-in-hand for me. As I’ve been pondering chapters 4 & 5 this week in our journey to the high places, I’ve been wondering if trust and faith are the other side of sorrow and suffering. Still pondering. Have a blessed weekend, my friend!

  7. We all walk through valleys of time where the willingness to trust in God doesn’t extend as far as we would like, where the darkness scares us because we can’t see past it. It can be hard to trust when we can’t see the reasons for the change. Thank you for the reminder to throw caution to the wind and embrace the changes the Spirit brings with Him. Have a blessed week friend. 🙂

  8. I just exhaled real big after reading this post. “It’s only through the door of trust that we can fully accept change”. Amen! Who knew that one word “trust” would pack such a punch. Thank you for sharing your heart. Hugs my friend!

  9. Beautiful article Barbie! I can tell it was written from your soul…just so comforting to read. It is so true that we need to trust God and not rely on outward appearances of change.

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