Journey To The High Places: Detour Through The Desert (Week 6) — 14 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for leading us and trusting God to take you and all of us on this journey to the high places. This is exactly the right time for me to be reading this book because the words mean a lot because of my life experiences. I pray that we all discover one beautiful flower in the messiness of our lives and we accept it with joy.

    • God is really working in me this “acceptance with joy” attitude. I can’t say that I have fully embraced it. But I know that God will bring me to that place. Hugs!

  2. Barbie, I am enjoying this book study! We are such anxious and impatient creatures. And, in today’s society, we expect immediate gratification and become irritated, if this gratification is delayed. Well, as I have grown in Christ, I have come to accept and know that waiting produces an abundance of fruit. The waiting produces ripening and the ripening produces sweetness….Just like Much-Afraid’s heart warmed when we say the little golden flower, this is what happens to us when we think we are alone—the Lord shows up and holds our hand–a sweetness we cannot put into words. I wonder if Much-Afraid would have noticed the tiny flower, had she not been in such a desolate place? Our deserts are gifts, but they sure don’t feel like it, while we are in them~ Much joy!

  3. Oh this!! “As the Shepherd led her away from her heart’s desire, He asked her if she loved Him enough to accept the postponement and the apparent contradiction of the promise, and to go down with Him to the dessert.” I so needed this reminder….I may need to pull out my copy of the book and re-read it! Thank you friend!

  4. Yes, perhaps he is calling me to accept a difficult season with joy. I may just at this moment be realizing that. I’d love to move from being resentful to joyful…

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