Journey To The High Places: Encounter With Pride (Week 5) — 9 Comments

  1. I’ve fallen behind on this journey to the high places! But I’m back! Just struggling here for the last couple of weeks. So I just got through chapter 5 this morning and it was so timely. Just last night, I took the hand of pride. When we do that, it does scar us and everyone involved. It is as though we’re worse off than before. It doesn’t do us any good…only harm. But I praise God for his healing promises. Though we have sinned, He has washed us white as snow! He restores and heals and strengthens. Thanks for doing this study, Barbie. EVERY time I read a chapter, I am blessed…

  2. Barbie,
    Reading this it made me realize that pride can cause us to want to avoid sorrow and suffering instead of welcoming them as our friends on our journey to greater freedom…I needed this reminder today…Thank you, friend 🙂

  3. I love this quote: “Sin will take us further than we want to go. It will keep us longer than we want to stay and it will cost us more than we want to pay.” So true. I must confess that my good intentions got the book ordered, but I have not been able to read yet. I am enjoying your posts, getting a feel for the book.

  4. Oh, I so glad that I purchased this book! I can definitely identify with Much-Afraid and her attraction to Pride. It is a daily struggle to push Pride back down the mountain. Sometimes, you don’t even realize that pride is holding your hand. Then…your actions start to look a lot like Pride and you have ask the Lord to help you kick him back down the mountain. I am enjoying this book, so much! Blessings, Barbara~

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