The Weekend Brew: When The Sky Speaks — 40 Comments

  1. Hello Barbie…
    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve linked up – finally! A post that I tied in with FMF. Missed that one on Friday! – so I did one tonight and… so yes! this is very late. But – I think it worked to link up here as well.

    Thank you for the warm invitation.


    • So glad you linked up Bevy. I too missed the Five Minute Friday this week and tried to write something for it and use for my link up, to no avail. My link up is open through Tuesday so never any hurry. Blessings!

  2. What a gift you were given that evening! God’s voice straight to our hearts to remind us that He is there is so comforting. I pray His words ministered deeply to you in that moment Barbie! Happy weekend!

  3. “Beauty in the storm.”

    I love storms–as long as I know I’m safe. Though I even sometimes like that tingly feeling of possible danger.

    But storms of life? I’ve got to remind myself there’s beauty in those, too. And that no matter what happens, I’m safe in the shelter of His wings. 🙂

    • They seem overwhelming at times, the storms, but I pray that God would open my eyes to see the beauty in them. Thanks of stopping by Sandra.

  4. Beautiful, Barbie. He speaks. Those who have ears, listen, hear, and are changed. Blessings, my friend. PS I’m sorry, I linked the wrong post and don’ t know how to delete it 🙁

  5. Barbie,

    Gorgeous photo. I find so much peace and connection with Him in nature. Just this morning I finished reading a book I will soon review. I decided to once again start praying by using prayer cards in an organized, daily way. This was very rewarding when I did this the first time as I saw God work in so many people’s lives through mine and other people’s prayers.

    I will be writing down your verses and using them to start off my daily prayers for the week.

    Have a great holiday weekend.

  6. Oh how I love these sweet words! The promises of Jesus are so refreshing to the soul! Thank you for sharing!! Love to you this beautiful weekend! Thank you for your constant outpouring of love & support-you’re such a blessing to me! xo

  7. It’s in those storm moments that I hear His voice in a different way. Comforting as a Father … as you shared here. Thanks for sharing Him. ❤️A reminder to just be still in His presence.

    • God always whispers to me in the midst of a storm. I think it’s because He’s trying to teach me to take my focus off of the loud storm and lean into his quiet presence.

  8. Bless you, Barb – thank you for sharing the intimacy of your moment in His comforting Voice. When He speaks – there is weight to His Words and these Words carry much weight with burdened hearts . . . lightening the load. A great way to start the weekend.
    Brewing Almond Cookies Green Tea and heading to my cozy corner . . .

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