Journey To The High Places: Great Precipice Injury (Week 9) — 5 Comments

  1. I loved this chapter; how true, when we turn to our amazing Father He will supply us with the “Spirit of Grace and Comfort”! It is so easy to give up and fall back, but if only we can put aside our stubborn and weak ways, He enables us and transforms us! “He is able to turn weakness into strength, fear into faith.” Yes! Amen! <3
    Blessings and love sweet Barbie; have a faith-filled weekend!

  2. Oh yes Barbie, I, too am like Much Afraid and you listening to those – voices. I look at the Great Precipice and somehow feel so inadequate that is until I set my Hind’s feet where they belong (in Him, His Strength in my weakness; faith in Him and His promises to conquer all fears or doubts or failures; my many imperfections being refined and made perfect by Jesus Christ.
    What an awesome reminder this chapter and your wonderful summation of it brings. I am so thankful that God helps me in the ascent … and knows me so well, “so much better than I know myself” … looking at the steepness of the ascent just confirms the song that came to me “YOU MAKE ME BRAVE”

    Surrendered and “injured” I want to enter in and ascend the mountains … love this allegory and your beautiful photo! Thanks!
    Blessings, Peggy

    • I love the song, “You Make Me Brave”. It is often playing through my mind, as God reminds me that it’s by His strength that I can ascent the mountain. Have a blessed weekend.

  3. I’m so thankful that He knows us better than we know ourselves! Praying for His will is always a bit, well, terrifying! so I can relate with Much-Afraid in this chapter. But we know the end of the story. God is good, all the time. And He is enough. Blessings on your day, Barbie!

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