Journey To The High Places: On The Old Sea Wall (Week 8) — 12 Comments

  1. Oh Barbie … First off, I am so glad to hear and read that you are doing this journey through “Hind’s Feet … to High Places” ..which is by far one of my most favorite books. However, I am so sorry that I have missed out on the first 8 weeks, which I tried to go back and catch today (but time does not permit me to comment at each). Yet as your concluding statement says and I could not agree more that is is the perfect book for you in this season and I do believe that the Shepherd will grant you your desire as a result of this study, journey, book and listening to Him. I did this on my private blog (I think last year) and could not gather enough, for the life lessons are endless with Much Afraid. I am so glad that you are encountering afresh and sharing this journey here. If I knew that you had not read this, I would have highly recommended it to you (as last I had read that you were stepping back for a while and regrouping or resting or being restored for a dry time in writing ..although that hardly ever shows here. You are an inspiration. Never doubt that and you are so creative! I have been offline much since April due to having to make a choice financially an AC or being online (electricity bill was far too high) so that is why I missed this series of yours or you can be sure that I would have loved to be blessed and inspired by you as we journey through much to those high places. I just know that the Shepherd has a new name and place for you as you ponder and pass through this season. (whether desert, wilderness, valley or wherever He has you or you feel you are). The photos that you’ve done or used for each of these posts are awesome and so beautiful! as is your reflections and writing. as always…

    There is a ministry that has a study guide for this book that you may be interested in (in case you did not know about it). It is very deep yet so much to gain by adding this after you have read once through “Hind’s Feet”. (I’d recommend waiting and not trying to do both … cuz it will really take all your time and there is so much). They have a pdf file for each chapter downloadable or read online. Here is an index page of their expansive study.

    I also wanted to remark about that cute little cup that shows up on the tab with your blog name … that is so clever, quite the trademark that “freshly brewed cup” of your precious life and writings! Thanks for doing this and sharing your heart as you so beautifully do. I’m glad to see that you are still writing. Are you going to complete all the way through Chapter 20…? WOW! Praise God as He leads you to High Places and meets you with something new and fresh!

    Love and hugs,

          • Oh Barbie …that’s great! I love the devotional too! Helps guide me! I am so pleased to see Grace surrounds you! I pray in your “High Place” journey that the Holy Spirit continues to guide and draw you closer (and even able to post in all the needed places what He inspires you to share). I know that this commitment through December will bless you and so many others if they journey along with you and Much Afraid to that final chapter, which really is a new beginning, a fresh one … I’m as excited as Much Afraid when we arrive here at the Sea Wall. Oh how I would love to be an Acceptance with Joy with all that I encounter in my journey and in my own heart in every circumstance. Learning still. Inspired greatly by you and as I said love the book, your study and especially the wonderful photos and images you’ve chosen and open with. Your blog and posts always warm my heart! have a blessed journey — hope I am able to catch more of these (you are in my reader, it’s just I have not kept up, sorry:( thanks and praying for your grand journey and finish to the end!)

            God bless,

    • Peggy, there is so much grace and you don’t have to worry about staying caught up. I will blog weekly (so far so good) and try to post in the FB group (which I’m not doing too good at). I am really enjoying this joinery, How God is drawing me closer through it. I do plan to carry the study through December! Wish me luck.

  2. This study is so precious to me- the words, the story and the connections to my own life leave me wanting more. Thank you as always for beginning and leading this and for taking us through each chapter. Blessings!

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