Journey To The High Places: On The Shores of Loneliness (Week 7) — 14 Comments

  1. Weeds of impatience? Uh – yes! My health issues are the first that come to mind. I have so many more good days than bad ones but those bad ones really knock me back in my journey. I get so easily frustrated and rather than trusting God I quickly assume the worst.

  2. Girl if I could sit, and we could chat, and I could tell you how He has ripped out all those weeds of impatiences. This year has been a dozy. But, it is so freeing when we just let life be, no impatience, just graceful waiting.

    Thank you for your grace, and you continual words here.

  3. This book is so amazing to me. The imagery and allegory that is present in the story is woven with the truth we know from God. I found that when Much-Afraid’s Fearing relatives came back to taunt her, I could feel what she was feeling because I let it happen too often in my own life. When Pride went over the cliff and Much-Afraid asked if he was gone forever, The Shepherd answers honestly that Pride would be back. Our lives would be so much easier if all of our struggles would be gone once and for all but God knows that for our relationship to grow and deepen with Him, our lives will have challenges along the way. As always thank you for leading this study and for allowing God to use you to show us Him! Blessings!

  4. It’s very easy for me to water those weeds of impatience. 🙁 Thanks for the reminder today to call out for the Shepherd to rescue me. I so love this book and the lessons in it!

  5. Loved this section of the book! Oh, I believe impatience must be continuously swept from my soul. In fact, I can’t name one occasion…so many. But, I am learning and I am enjoying the journey, as best I can. Joy to you!

    • I am so there Cynthia. I say I trust Him, but then tap my feet and cross my arms as I run out of patience. So thankful for the gentle way He leads me back to that place.

  6. With two elderly parents, a husband and rebellious adult children in my life, “my” plans are often disrupted. I’m so thankful that God has created in me a spirit of acceptance-with-joy. I can remember the days when everything had to go my way – I was a very unhappy person. “Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Have a blessed day with your family, Barbie!

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