Day 10: In His Care (Five Minute Friday) — 27 Comments

  1. You know, this is just amazing. I was scrolling through the #FMFparty tweets last night and wondering how it all works. My writing buddy is a big part of it and I just haven’t really gotten it as when I scroll through, it doesn’t really make much sense. I LOVE the writing community but I see real relationships growing and it’s awesome. I saw that prayer request last night, and prayed, but didn’t know who you were. Now I get another side of the story and that is just a blessing to me. Thanks for being vulnerable and real! God bless!

    • Thank you Carol. I am surrounded by such a loving and caring community. So thankful God brought me to the crazy world of blogging.

  2. Oh sweet friend… I love how He showed up for you, through this crazy webosphere! Praying for you still – believing our good God will turn things around, and more than meet your needs – financial, emotional, relational, physical… every kind of need and every one of them! Love you so!

  3. We are all in His care, but for some reason, we believe the lie that He has forgotten us. What a blessing you had this week, that in the middle of your storm, these women came and spoke peace to you — they were Jesus saying STOP, BE STILL to the wind and the waves. The suffering abounds, 2 Cor.1 says, but His comfort abounds even more! Praise be to God for the comfort that came your way this week. Receive His care and His comfort for you today.

  4. I was so glad when I saw you had linked up today. My prayers continue for you sweet friend. It is okay to cry and to wonder how things will work out but just trust that He cares for you so much. As we all pray He is holding you in His right hand guiding your path.

  5. “When I forget that God cares, He reminds me through the care, compassion and prayers of others.” Yes!! I too am humbled and amazed by the people I have met this past week through my blog. Thankful I found you too! Have a blessed day!

  6. I think it’s so lovely and refreshing to hear of the love you’ve received, especially when you needed it most. Blessings to you,
    Melissa (here via both 5MF and 31Days)

  7. wow. you were surrounded by love. I loved your tweet. that God shows us He cares through the hearts of others around us. How true. How beautiful. How wonderful when we get to be that person to others. Also, i loved the list of the names of God. I always love reading over those and then thinking which is my favorite way to address Him. WOW. great post!

  8. This is a touching post of what a community of believers can do for each other. Through Jesus, we are powerful!!! I will keep you in my prayers, too. And, I hope that you will do the same for me. Sincerely, Cynthia

  9. Yep! Sista. Ya got it. We are the body of Christ. How awesome to see it move. God is the God of His Word and I knew you will be “richer” for what He’s doing in your life right here – right now.

  10. You are loved so well and so deep by many but none more than by Our Heavenly Father who desires to smooth away the worry and draw you close into His protective embrace. May all the prayers being lifted for you and your family ascend to the heights and touch the heart of God mightily. Blessings for rest, peace and a knowing that all will be okay!

  11. God is so much bigger and so much more holy and so much more merciful than we think. He fills us day by day with his mercy. Sometimes he wants to see what is in our hearts, so He tests us. Let us thank Him for His everlasting care and comfort for us, for the dear friends we have and their prayers. And … for the assurance that He loves us FOREVER.

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