Day 3: Embrace New — 43 Comments

  1. I recently heard that the only person that embraces change is a baby with a dirty diaper and I do believe that is the truth. Change is so hard!!! We are facing some huge changes in our church and it is so, so tough on a lot of us. And, of course, we all face personal changes that challenge us to the point of no return. But, HE is always faithful to see us through and HE has sure proved that to me. Blessings to you!

  2. You gave me chills. My oldest is at Homecoming right this very minute, and my baby just turned one and is so sweet and snuggly and perfect. I am desperately trying to hold onto it all, but I know I can’t. Thank you.

    • They grow up so fast Jaime. I have adult children, a teen and a preteen and it seems like yesterday they were holding my hand and crossing the street. Thankful you were encouraged in reading.

  3. What’s that saying? “I’d rather be out on a limb with Jesus, than safely under the tree without Him.” Something like that. Change is growth (unless you let it become decay)…go for the growth, girl! 🙂 <3

  4. I’m hearing you about change, Barbie. I just penned a post on transitions. For change can happen in an instant … but the transitions can last far longer than we imagined.

    Love your focus on grace. It’s good to be here today.

  5. Grace. Yes, you and I are in the grip of His grace. So thankful we are and for sharing this together! God has you safe and secure. Blessings await you as you hold His hand on this journey of change, my friend. Lifting you in prayer today!

  6. I love this so much! Embracing Change is so hard, and yet we know it does us no favors to resist it! Praying for you in this transition, friend! Free fall into Grace… so much yes!!! Let’s do THAT!

  7. “Embracing the new.” Love that. Because the Lord says He is doing a new thing and it is springing up. So, we either embrace it or it passes us by. Blessings as you embrace this new season. And it will be exceedingly, abundantly, more than you ever hoped for or imagined.

  8. Barbie,
    I always receive a blessing when I visit your blog. Change is the ony way to grow in His Word, but I must force myself to let go of the “old” and accept the “new.” Joy to you!

  9. I do love the thought of being free to embrace change. We ARE free in Christ to live a new way. To run to Him and embrace His path. I do pray that He would shock you with his goodness, provision and blessing in this season!

  10. You’re right we can’t have it both ways but I have tried so many times. I have learned though that in the act of surrendering I am loved by a mighty God and it is good! Love you friend!

  11. Barbie, I totally adore the concept of ‘free falling into grace…knowing He holds me’. What a beautiful picture! New seasons full of change hold angst for most of us. Praying for you in this new season…for the Lord to enable you to walk confidently into His plan for you. Stopped by from #FMFparty!

    • Thanks Leah. Every time I think about that phrase, I picture myself with my arms outstretched, falling backwards into His arms. Such a beautiful picture of grace. Thanks for stopping by!

  12. You’re absolutely right, Barbie, – openness to the new things God is doing requires that we let go – relinquish total control – and trust him. May we get better and better at it!

  13. Barbie,
    Oh I am one of those who struggles to let go and yet hang on… change is scary. Well, the change itself isn’t scary but the unknown is. I am learning to ignore the ‘what ifs’ and embrace instead the grace to take the next step. What an encouragment and a sweet reminder your words are to me tonight. I am thankful to be your neighbor on Five Minute Friday. May your weekend be a loaded with hugs and assurances as you journey.
    ~ Brandi

    • Brandi, thanks so much for stopping by. I hope and pray that God continues to lead you through seasons of change with much grace. I hope to stop over to your place soon.

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