Boots On The Ground: Guest Post By Jen Ferguson — 18 Comments

  1. I agree that shame loves the darkness and the secrecy and keeps its power when we are silent. Another aspect of sharing while still in the struggle, it gives hope to the other strugglers that are listening, too. That is an important aspect of sharing in the midst of it — I take heart from those sharing in the middle.

  2. Obedience. That seems to be the theme right now…for me. When things are scary and I don’t want to share or reach out to someone bc I’m afraid of how they will respond, I tell God”NO.” And then of course I’m sorry for it later and promise, next time. God’s been speaking to me on being obedient, especially when it’s uncomfortable. Thank you for being brave and obedient in sharing/writing your family’s story. It’s encouraging and inspiring.
    I hate that I moved before getting to meet you and experience the SDG retreat, I was SO looking forward to it. I pray one day God will cross our paths.

    *And Barbie! LOVE what you’ve done to the place!

  3. I LOVE this, “I don’t need to wait until I’m perfectly healed before I share my story.” I have been struggling with how to write my story/stories in a way that honors God and doesn’t dishonor others and one of my concerns was sounding like I was bitter, or like I wasn’t healed of all that has happened but the truth is I’m not…at least not completely and that’s ok. Like you said part of the healing takes place in the telling.
    I can’t wait to share with you Jen!
    Thanks for your beautiful words and your beautiful heart!

    • Lanette, I know the hesitation sometimes to tell a personal story. But I can attest t the healing that comes in the telling. I wrote a post for Jennifer’s blog a few months back. Was scared, but oh the testimonies that have come from it. Be encouraged!

      • Thanks so much Barbie! I have also seen much healing in “the telling”. I began a ministry called Beauty for Ashes – Healing for the Abortion Wounded Heart and have witnessed incredible things in a couple of women’s lives! Just giving my own testimony helped them to finally speak the truth about their own circumstances and so much healing came from that! God is so good!!
        That’s why it’s so important for us to keep telling our stories, right?
        God bless you! 🙂

    • Yes! I can’t wait to hear your story. You know what’s interesting? When I started writing the book, I thought I was healed. Guess what? God used the writing to heal places I didn’t even know I was still hurting. But if I hadn’t started telling my story, I would have still had those hurt places. God is so good not to waste a thing!

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