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Journey To The High Places: Healing Streams (Week 17)

HindsFeet_week17Much-Afraid awoke to the warmth of the sun on her face and the smell of spikenard, frankincense and myrrh all around.  As she recalled the events of the previous day, she looked down at her chest where the priest had wrenched out of her heart her flower of human love. She was surprised to see that there was no scare underneath the cloth soaked in spices whose perfume filled the cave.

Outside the cave the sun shone brightly in the canyon.  Grass was growing everywhere and there were flowers of every variety.  In the center of the canyon was the stone altar where she was bound, now covered with moss and flowers and where birds gathered along their journey. There was a great river of water, clear as crystal that gushed from underneath the alter.  Much-Afraid realized she was at the very source of the great fall where it flowed from under the altar to which the priest had bound her.

Much-Afraid was drawn to the stream.  She could not help but jump in.  It was like immersing herself in a stream of bubbling life. When she stepped out of the pool of water, she was immediately dry and tingling from head to foot with a sense of perfect well-being.

It was then that she noticed that her feet were no longer crooked.  They were perfectly formed and shining white against the soft green grass. She then remembered the Healing Streams of which the Shephered had spoken which gushed out of the ground on the High Places.

Much-Afraid felt completely at peace and a feeling of great contentment drowned every feeling of curiosity, loneliness and anticipation.

“She did not think about the future at all. It was enough to be there in that quiet canyon, hidden away high up in the mountains with the river of life flowing beside her, and to rest and recover herself after the long journey.” – Hinds Feet on High Places

mountains meadowThis is Week 17 of a devotional study of Hinds Feet on High Places.  I have received the author’s permission to quote larger portions of text for purposes of this study.  All of the posts in this study can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Journey To The High Places: Healing Streams (Week 17)”

  1. Mary Geisen says:

    i love this book! I’ve been thinking a lot of my mom recently and how she would have loved this book. Everything about it would have touched her in her own journey. So glad I’m on this journey with you. Hugs!
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    How can I get this book!! It looks like something I need right now! Is it at the Book Store!

    1. Barbie says:

      You can find the book on Amazon. It’s called “Hinds Feet on High Places Devotional Study”. Thanks for visiting!

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