Let Us Gather For A Daily Cup Of Grace — 40 Comments

  1. How I love that you are trying something new. Community is such a blessing. Your heart of encouragement continues to bless me in so many ways, and I know I am one of many. How I have missed being a regular part of community of bloggers in this busy season of kicking off a new ministry and learning to write/social media in two lanes instead of one.

  2. I love it here, Barbie! It shines with the same warmth and authenticity that your words have always enveloped. I’m proud of you for following the Lord in this new change and excited to gather with you here on the journey. Well done, friend.

  3. Love Love Love your heart and this new online space! I think you are doing right in moving everything over to your name, your branding yourself as a writer:) And you are a very good one!

    Maybe you should start your own design business?? 🙂

    • Oh Alecia, I had help with this one. While i was able to do the last two, it was stressful and hard. So, I opted to have two fabulous ladies help me! But I am thinking about a little blog side business 🙂

  4. It’s so warm and welcoming, Barbie! A beautiful reflection of your true heart – looking forward to our times together here in this space. Have a blessed day!

  5. I love it, Barbie! The changes are great…fresh and new! I love that you are using your name – a precious name to God and to us! I’m looking forward to seeing everything unfold here as you continue to update things.

    Blessings & love, Joan

    • Thanks so much Joan. The name was a big stretch for me, but I felt that God gave me the go ahead and really is solidifying who I am called to be through it.

  6. Always beautiful, Barbie, because it’s always your heart reflected in all you do. Thank you for how you love on us and continually encourage, even during a difficult season. Your friendship is a blessing to me. Much love. xoxo

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