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  1. Thanks for this! We all need to take time during the busy holiday season and focus more on Jesus. In doing so we do ease much of the frustrations that come with having so much to do.


    • Barbie, thank you so much for this opportunity. As I reflect on this year, I am so thankful God allowed me to meet you right away on my blogging journey. You have the gift of encouragement and write with a sincere honesty that is heart stirring. You are a beautiful person and God is using you in ways you can’t even imagine!

  2. Wonderful! I loved this: “next year is going to be different”… but how could it be different if I didn’t change things…I’m making some notes for next year, to help my stress level. One thing will be to cook ahead and freeze some yummy meals, so that on those nights where I have to bake and wrap, we will have a good meal, and not pizza!

  3. What a perfectly timed post! I have been “burning the candle at both ends” for weeks now and am physically exhausted. I do, I need Jesus!
    Thank you for this post Cathy and thank you Barbie for hosting it!! I could simply hug you both!

    • Sending you back a big hug from both of us! We are so glad God allowed this post to come along just when you needed it most. Praying for a “more of Jesus” to restore your busy life.

  4. What a wonderful & wise post for us all but especially those with children. I went back to reread the post a second time & then thought …. what wonderful advice for us all year long! This year may we all spend time with Jesus each day, focus on the blessings in our life & be intentional in our relationship with Him. Grateful to have stopped here this morning! Blessings to both of you, Cathy & Barbie!

  5. I remember a time when this is exactly how my Christmas season went, and exactly how I felt; yearning for more of Jesus and less of holiday stress. But Jesus is the reason for the season (!) and when we do keep Him in the center of all the holiday fuss, everything becomes a blessing and a sweet joy! What a blessing to finally be at a point in my life when I can feel and share His amazing grace during this celebration of our Lord.

    Blessings, joy, and love this Christmas!

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