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Journey To The High Places: High Places (Week 19)


After having explored the High Places for several days with her handmaidens, Joy and Peace, the King asked Grace and Glory a question: “Do you think you understand now how I was able to make your feet like hinds’ feet and to set you on these High Places?”

She questioned the King, but He simply asked her to look back over the journey she had made and tell Him what lessons she had learned on the way.

Acceptance with Joy

Grace and Glory learned that she must accept with joy all that the King allows to happen to her and everything to which the path led. She was never to try to evade it but to accept it and lay down her own will on the altar.  “Behold me, I am Thy little handmaiden Acceptance-with-Joy.

Bearing With Love

She also learned that she must be willing to bear all that others were allowed to do against her and to forgive without a trace of bitterness. “Behold me, I am Thy little handmaiden Bearing-with-Love.”  In that she would receive power to bring good out of evil.

Beautifully Seen

The third thing Grace and Glory had learned was that the King never saw her as she actually was — lame, weak, crooked and cowardly. He saw her as she would be once arriving at the High Places. He saw her as the royal daughter she was, and not as Much-Afraid.

Transformation Through Suffering

Grace and Glory learned that every circumstance in life, no matter how crooked, distorted and ugly, when reacted to with love and forgiveness and obedience to the King’s will, had the power to transform her heart.  She understood that the King would often allow her to come into contact with bad and evil things that He desired to see changed.  She learned to overcome evil with good.

The King responded that she had learned well, and that it was these lessons which enabled Him to change her from limping, crippled Much-Afraid into Grace and Glory with hinds’ feet.  She was now able to run, leaping upon the mountains, following Him wherever He would go, never to be parted again.

“So remember this; as long as you are willing to be Acceptance-with-Joy and Bearing-in-Love, you can never again become crippled, and you all be able to go wherever I lead you. You will be able to go down into the Valley of the world to work with me there, for that is where the evil and sorrowful and ugly things are which need to be overcome.” – Hinds Feet on High Places

And off they went together, leaping on the mountains and skipping on the hills.

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mountains meadowThis is Week 19 of a devotional study of Hinds Feet on High Places.  I have received the author’s permission to quote larger portions of text for purposes of this study.  All of the posts in this study can be found here.

5 thoughts on “Journey To The High Places: High Places (Week 19)”

  1. Mary Geisen says:

    Such a beautiful book and story! Every time I read a chapter I wish my mom was here to read it too. She would have loved it. Thanks Barbie for providing this group and journey! Love you!
    Mary Geisen recently posted..Sunday Morning Always Comes-Silent Night

  2. Amy Jung says:

    I loved how this chapter summarized all of the lessons learned! This book will always be treasured!
    Amy Jung recently posted..Born of a Woman

  3. Mary Dolan Flaherty says:

    I love this book! Don’t you just love that God sees us so differently than we see ourselves? He knows what our afflictions, our flaws are, yet he chooses not to focus on them. He instead sees the heart that he put in us. What a good God we have. I didn’t get to read all of your posts on HF, Barbie, but I enjoyed your insights in what I did read.
    Mary Dolan Flaherty recently posted..An Angel’s Perspective

  4. Cathy Hooper says:

    I have seen this book for years, but never read it. You have whetted my appetite and I will have to check it out.

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