The Weekend Brew: The Shepherd’s Song (by Mary Geisen) — 22 Comments

    • I love that we were thinking alike. I was intrigued when I learned more about the shepherds and God’s intentionality in choosing them to come see the babe that night so long ago. Blessed you joined us here today.

  1. I thank you for the reminder that our faults become God’s strength when we give them to Him. He is totally awesome. So amazing. Yes! He! Is! #bloggercaregroup

  2. Our pastor shared today a similar theme Mary. We talked about Jesus coming to the world as a Jewish baby, born to a teenaged mother. You’re so right, that he would come to us announced by lowly shepherds. His invitation is the epitome of inclusive. He bends low to open the door for all. Amen. Hope your day was great!

  3. Mary, what a beautiful message to reflect on this Sunday morning. My heart overflows with gratitude.
    Much love to you.
    Barbie, congrats on your job!! So happy for you.

    • How wonderful to see you here this morning! Isn’t God amazing to invite us all to humbly join Him and follow Him with abandon? Thank you for joining in here and for your love. Hugs right back to you!

    • Amen! God has a plan- a big plan! Choosing each piece of our plan is such a joy for Him as He hopes we choose to say “yes” for His glory. Blessed you joined us here today, Elizabeth! Have a beautiful weekend!

  4. My image didn’t show in my link. 🙁 Sometimes this mobile technology gets the best of me. Lol.

    The part where you asked the reader to pause to really think about that night… that is a perfect way for us to really reflect on the breadth of all that happened when Jesus was born into humanity. That’s why I love the song Silent Night. If I think … silence… I feel it. In my spirit.
    Beautiful, Mary.

  5. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for sharing such encouragement with us today. I particularly loved where you said, ‘God will choose the least likely people to carry His message to join in a relationship with Him.’ So thankful for our gracious God.

    • Blessed to see you here and for your own encouragement. May we all humble ourselves to accept the invitation that God so graciously extends to follow Him even when we feel we are not worthy. Have a beautiful weekend!

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