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  1. Barbie, I needed to read your words today. They encourage me so much. My heart is lifted. I get choked up every time read this” In the beginning was the Word . . ” It is just too much–too wonderful, too beautiful. I am so grateful! Bless you today as you soak Him up, friend!

  2. This is definitely one of my personal goals for 2015: be more structured in my bible reading. I love doing bible studies but also want to supplement that with reading more of the Word. Happy New Year, Barbie!

  3. What beautiful words to begin the year with, Barb. Can we really and truly start any other way and still be aligned with His will for our lives? Thank you for reminding me of the very first Truth in the Bible. I have been blessed.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  4. So true, there is no better way to begin anew than with HIM, the Creator of all things. Inspiring post! Wishing you a fresh start and a beautiful 2015!

  5. God has certainly gone before you, Barbie! And He will bless you abundantly this year. I can’t wait to see how that plays out. I’m doing Wendy Pope’s Read Through the Word this year using the one year chronological Bible. Four days in and I love it! Thanks for encouraging all of us to stay in God’s word. Happy week!! xoxo

  6. Happy New Year, Dear Barbie 🙂

    I’ll read along with you…I’m also in another study so we’ll see but I really want to actually make it through the whole Bible this year…so grateful God is with us…((hugs))…joy and peace to you this year.

    • I love the hunger I am seeing/hearing hearing from this community of women who just want to be in the Word. The Deeper Waters study is not the entire Bible, but it’s a great start!

  7. “In the beginning God”…I have these four words highlighted in my Bible. Oh how I love starting the New Year with these words and then rehearsing them over and over. Thank you for this reminder. And for this space. Blessings and love to you, Barbie!

  8. I take great comfort in knowing He is in my beginning and all beginnings, Barbie.
    Loved your post today. Thanks for sharing!

    PS…I was captivated by ‘in the midst’ while doing my Bible reading today. Not only was He in the beginning, but He is in the center of all our moments, too. 🙂

  9. I love the promise and hope of a new year, Barbie. I also love the reminder that He IS, always has been, and always will be: from the beginning and throughout eternity.

    Here’s to a blessed and prosperous New Year for all of us. May God be ever glorified in all that we say and do for His glory.

    Thank you for being here!

  10. Hi there. Such good real stuff to chew on. Always love the way you write it down and plant it in my mind…bears fruit, girl – bears fruit. You will be blessed with today’s post too “For I am Your God –
    Sovereign” Blessings to Barbie from Chris

  11. I love this Barbie. I love your renewed sense of hope. What better place is there to begin than with God? Thank you for how you share your heart with us, friend. You bless me so much. Love you. xoxo

  12. Two of my very favorite scriptures that should bring us back to this attitude of worship and reverence. I have had a host of scriptures floating through my heart and my head all directing me to fully lay it all at His feet, let HIM be the leader and the One who orchestrates it all. Your words resonate with that theme. I am thankful I took time to stop and visit today.

  13. Hi Barbie! Thank you for such an inspiring post. Such a perfect way to begin our year… with God! Love this. I read Jesus Calling too, and love it. It speaks to me every single day, without fail. May God bless you in many sweet and unexpected ways in this new year. I am lifting you in prayer today, friend. Much love!

  14. Your words really touch me today, Barbie. In the beginning, God! You’ve put into words the hopes so many of us have for this new year. I want to do less, strive less, so I can experience more of God. I LOVE that Deeper Water’s Reading Plan. I’m reading through the New Testament with my kids, but thinking maybe I can handle two reading plans. We’ll have to see. Blessings and grace on your weekend. You’ve served me a fresh cup of grace this morning. (I’m sharing this later, live in Turkey, so I’ll wait until later in the day when more people will see it.)

    • Betsy, so thankful to be getting to know you. I am glad this post spoke to your heart. The Deeper Waters plan is really very doable. It’s not the whole Bible, but I felt it was a better choice for me this year. Looking forward to stopping by your blog later to read your post.

      • I’m with you on not reading the WHOLE Bible in a year. I find more than a chapter a day is too much for me to really focus on and understand what God is saying to me. That’s why I liked the Deeper Waters Plan.

  15. Barbie…how right you are that a new year will new opportunities to glorify the Lord. I am reading through the Bible this year with a group of ladies and am so excited about what God will teach me. Thank you for the link up. Praying you have a Jesus-filled weekend.

  16. I love how our hearts are connected through these words. Reading Genesis 1 today and then reading your post with the reminder that God has always been there for us is so comforting and a reassurance for all as we begin this new year. What a blessing that you allow God to speak through His words and then your words. Hugs and love, friend!

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