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  1. With everything that is going on in my life and hearing God leading me to concentrate on Him instead of the expected things, I have given up link ups and such. But I am still reading your words, my friend. Love seeing you joirney to freedom. Bless your soul. ❤️

  2. Sweet Barbie,
    I’m glad your friend sent you that verse..praying a double portion of God’s grace and favor on you today and protection of your heart from shame…lately, I’ve been asking myself if I truly believe “Nothing is impossible with God” (Luke 1:37)…can God redeem? I ask God for grace to believe and to wait on His timing.


  3. Such a beautiful Scripture! I am so thankful that God exchanges our sorrow and shame for the joy of the Lord, and that he accepts us and loves us. God bless you this week. 🙂

  4. With some many dear friends around me walking through turbulent times right now, I love the promise of everlasting joy! I truly look forward to that. Thank you for the reminder!

  5. What a beautiful promise! Thank you for sharing it, Barbie, as I too am struggling with contentment right now. Looking for all the ways God is working in a place not of my choosing. I know you are there too! Prayers for you and yours, dear friend. xoxo

  6. Such a beautiful verse, and a promise that we need to be reminded of often. It’s not always easy to remember this truth when we are feeling remorse or shame for feelings and circumstances of past and even present. How blessed we are to be able to “let go and let God” send us amazing grace and everlasting joy!! ♥ Thank you sweet friend for this scripture today; I always love your scripture on pictures!! ♥
    Have a joyful week as you remember His promise Barbie! ♥ Hugs!

  7. I don’t know why you’ve been through such a long season of trial. We went through a season like that, our “Job” time I call it. The good new is, it did come to an end eventually. God’s word talks about walking through valleys, walking through the fire, etc. The end will come if we just keep putting one foot in front of the other and don’t quit. Love you, Barbie!

    • Thanks Elizabeth. It’s encouraging to hear the testimony of those who are just a little farther along on their journey. Blessings!

  8. God’s promises come at just the right times and when this verse was sent to you this week it was God’s way of letting you know He is near. I love how we are given these little love notes from God just when we need them. Praying with you and for you as you journey ahead through the struggles and the joy!

  9. “I didn’t realize how much shame and disgrace I was carrying over our situation until now.” Sweet, Barbie, we are our own worst enemy, are we not? I’m struggling with guilt right now over long-term care decisions for my dad who recently had a stroke. No one is putting it on me, but myself. I know, logically,that the situation is out of my control. But I wish it otherwise, and guilt creeps in. I keep turning to His word to hear the truth. The truth about who I am in Christ and, more importantly Who He is and how much He loves and cares about every minuet detail of our lives. Keep turning to the Truth, Barbie and keep believing His promises. As you say, that is where we receive our strength. You’re in my prayers, my friend. Blessings.

    • Awe friend, life is hard sometimes and we often don’t know which way to turn. I am sure whatever decisions you made for your dad were right at the time and covered in God’s grace. Love you friend!

  10. What a great verse! Thank you for sharing. Contentment…I struggle with it too, my friend. How brave you are for choosing it as your “2015 word.” Keep your eyes on His promises. Cheering you on, Barbie!

    • Oh Laura, if only I felt like I had a choice in the matter. I didn’t choose the word. I believe God chose it for me. Have a blessed weekend!

  11. There is such comfort and peace found in His word. There were a few times this past week that either scripture I read on my own or shared by another that it just blessed and encouraged me in a profound (and very much needed) way. Holding you in my prayers, sweet friend. xoxo

  12. Double blessings of Joy and Peace and His favor overflowing to and on and in you, Barbie!

    I’m not sure where you are, but if in the U.S (only because of mail costs outside that area).,,I’d like to gift you with one of my new Valentine cards – a tiny gift I hope will lift your heart . If you will send me your postal address at I’ll get it off to you… 🙂

  13. I am speaking at a women’s event on trials and joy and the journey this Winter and your post is another confirmation for me that I’m on the right path in what He wants me to speak. Keep up the good fight dear Bonnie. And continue to stay in His word. Trust in His promises, even when you have to fight through darkness to see the glorious light. And by all means, KEEP WRITING! xoxo

    • Thank you so much for encouraging my heart. I am thankful for how God is brining confirmation to you through His Word and this post. Hugs!

  14. I just love the promises in God’s word, This is a beautiful scripture to hold onto. Thank you for sharing. Just an FYI, my post was added twice by mistake, sorry. The #15 one is linking. I don’t know what happened. I tried to remove the other one, #13 and it wouldn’t let me. Have a beautiful weekend. Thank you for allowing us to link and for your faithfulness to the Lord! Tammy

  15. When I think of the “what-if” moments, I look back at the good that’s come from decisions that I might think were wrong.

    Generally, the ‘wrong’ decisions were wrong in that they put me further away from my dreams and ambitions…but the good accrued to others.

    Can’t quite see taking that away, even in the imagination.

    What’s done is done, and it’s up to God to make it work out.

  16. It’s called the Rhema word and with it hits you there is joy because you are at the corner of Sovereign and Love. It is a good place – a place to lean in on the faithfulness of His faithfulness and trust in His trustworthiness. When we realize God is a God of His word we are blown away!

  17. I love this verse! So encouraging that though this journey in faith may be difficult and troubled, there is great reward for making the trek. What great hope in the verse that God so loves us that he feels our pain and promises us a double portion of goodness and joy. Prayers for a week filled with joy and contentment 🙂

  18. Barbie, what a beautiful verse. I am not sure what part I like best – the double portion or the everlasting joy. As familiar as that verse is to me, here is what hit me as I looked at your graphic…”and so they will inherit a double portion in their land….”. In their land, where we find ourselves. In the middle of our land, our current situations, He brings the double portion & the everlasting joy. I cannot help but wonder if we miss the double portion & inheritance because we long to be somewhere other than “our land”. Thank you for sharing this today as it has given me something to think on. It will probably brew all weekend 🙂 May His love envelop you today!

    • Oh Joanne, you are so wise, and so right! I think I do miss the inheritance and the joy because I long to be somewhere else, with a different set of circumstances at times. Thanks for opening my eyes and my heart today.

  19. What a beautiful scripture this is. The promise the Lord is speaking to me is “The Lord is my Shepherd. I lack NOTHING….He guides me along the right paths.” God spoke to me that I have enough TIME to do everything He’s leading me to. I plan to write a post on this soon!

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