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  1. I would really love this anyway, but now that we’ve shared a bit of our stories; I really love your view on “when”! Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart and the love Jesus is growing there in the garden of when. It is truth, He is right there in the middle with you…and me.
    Blessings dear friend, on your amazing adventure journey with Jesus!!

  2. Oh Barbie, what a beautiful, beautiful post. It touched my heart so deeply. I loved this: “God is good, and the sun will rise again.” Such comfort and reassurance that He has the answer to all of our questions. Blessings to you, sweet one.

  3. Yes, to focus on His goodness and His faithfulness is something we need reminding of during the tough times. David shared his questions with God is the Psalms during the storms of his life. All the more we should too. Like you said He already knows anyway. Thank you for this encouragement this Friday morning. Have a beautiful weekend! Tammy

  4. Those “when” questions you hear God whispering to you speak of His goodness and faithfulness. May our hearts be strengthened, May His power rest on us in our weakness. Your graphics are so beautiful. They bless me!

  5. I started writing something yesterday (not sure it will make it to the blog) 🙂 but I kind of ended with the thought that, in this season, I DO question. I don’t question Him, but I do ask why. I think He expects that but, like you said, gives us the reminders that He’s always there and always faithful, even in the painful and dark seasons.

    I needed this reminder today…thank you, friend. (((hugs)))

    • The beautiful thing is that He already knows those questions that hide deep in our hearts. So let them out girl! It gives Him the chance to reaffirm His love and remind you of His promises.

  6. Amen friend! Preach God’s truths and promises because your “when” will come and the journey will shift directions and it will be beautiful. In prayer with you and for you in this time of struggle. God’s embrace is all you need-sink in, let go and let God! Love you dearly!

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