Invest // Share The Brew with Mary Gemmill — 6 Comments

  1. Mary, what a stunning revelation “God invests in us”. The heart wants to just open wide and be laid bare so He can do all He longs to do in order to reap the maximum benefit from my life. When we take the synonyms you shared and say ‘the Holy Spirit infuses me, imbues me with power etc’ there is a whole lot of truth to chew and meditate on. Thank you for sharing such powerful words here. May He continue to open the eye of your heart so you behold wondrous things in His word.

    • Thank you dear Jeannie…..I learn such a lot from YOU and appreciate getting to know God’s Mighty Women online so that we can share with one another what God is revealing to us.

  2. Thank you for this clear blogpost. It is easy to translate and understand. I think I need to stay close to Jesus. Your prayer is my prayer: “Teach me how to give of myself, my talents, my possessions, my love, my time to you.”

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