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  1. Thanks for this encouraging post. Your words – “I am blessed that when struggles come and want nothing more than to tear me down, God also comes right along by my side to support me through the trauma and mess.” – is so true. He is forever faithful! I’m glad you shared the four lessons you learned when truth appeared. Makes me braver to be more transparent with others. Have a blessed day!

    • I am learning how to be better at “brave”. God teaches and provides during those moments when relying on yourself is exactly what you should not do. I am blessed by your words and thank you for joining us here at The Weekend Brew.

  2. Mary thank you for your honesty and your willingness to TRUST. This is something that the Lord and I are working on this year… Your words give me courage to press in and press on and to, indeed, TRUST God to be trustworthy when I let go of the mask and self-preservation walls. Blessings to you on your continued journey!

    And thank you Barbie for stopping by my blog… It is great to meet you! I look forward to getting to know you!

  3. I heard that song a few weeks ago on the radio and have been singing it ever since! 🙂 It’s quite catchy!! I also am SO grateful that the Lord calls us to “Come as we are”! Thanks for reminding us all how His love is unconditional and not full of condemnation!!

    • Amen! I love how God teaches us and worshiping is a perfect example of when He loves to show up big. Blessed you joined in here today. May your week be an expression of God’s love in all you do.

  4. We sang that beautiful David Crowder song in church this morning. It has become a favorite of mine because it expresses God’s love for us, and his longing for us to quit striving and just come to him. Praying for you this week, that God continues to comfort and encourage you through His Word and the faithful friends He has surrounded you with.

    • Thank you! God has comforted me quite a bit recently and He shows me daily that His love is enough. Struggles can be beautiful and turn sorrow into joy. Blessed you joined us here today.

  5. I’m sorry you’re hurting, Mary. I pray for God’s comfort for you. And I hear ya, it’s hard to wear makeup when you can’t stop crying. I pretty much gave up on that facade this week. It’s okay to cry. It’s cleansing, oh so cleaning. Our Lord stores up our tears in a bottle for a reason. Perhaps, later, we’ll use them to cleanse the feet of our Savior. Blessings.

    • Amen to tears and the cleansing that comes with their release. You always affirm my words because somehow you get it too. Thank you for being that person for me and for always encouraging me here at The Weekend Brew. Have a great week!

  6. I’m sorry you’re hurting, Mary. I pray for God’s comfort for you. And I hear ya, it’s hard to wear makeup when you can’t stop crying. I pretty much gave up on that facade this week. It’s okay to cry. It’s cleansing, oh so cleaning. Our Lord stores up our tears in a bottle for a reason. Perhaps, later, we’ll use them to cleanse the feet of our Savior. Blessings.

  7. Such a lovely post! Thank you – I have been overwhelmed with the beauty of this Crowder song – playing it over and over again in my car as I travel from place to place – knowing my imperfections are being worked into God’s plan for me. It is a heart’s cry, too, for those who have never known the love of Christ – the beckoning, welcoming wonderful love! Awesome post – I write again 🙂

    • Crowder’s song is definitely a heart cry and has been speaking so strongly to me since the beginning of this year. The invitation that we are good enough just the way we are brings me to my knees in thanksgiving that I am enough for God. Thank you for being here today!

  8. True friends love the real us. It people are loving a facade, how is that real relationship? And it’s certainly not satisfying. Transparency is vulnerable and risky, but so worth it.

    • Transparency is very worth the messiness that can result. God already knows who we are but a relationship will survive if we open ourselves to reality if it was meant to be a relationship. Thank you for being here and have a blessed week!

  9. Praise God that He knows us completely, with all our needs and sins, and yet He loves and accepts us anyway, just as we are! And then He proceeds to transform us into the image of His Son! Thanks for the beautiful post & for hosting & God bless!

  10. Years ago I came to grips with being real after God showed me how ugly my fake, superficial tendencies were to Him. He wanted me to be me… my messes and all. What freedom there is found in transparency. I appreciate your words to honesty and realness. (If that’s even a word.) I can relate to you, friend! Bless you. I’m lifting you in prayer today!

    • Thank you Julie! I have covered a lot of years in my life appearing to be the strong one because in some ways it was easier than the alternative. Your words encourage me to continue to allow God to work on me from the inside out to better serve and honor Him. Blessings!

  11. Blessings, Mary! A great and encouraging reminder that I don’t have to be all that. Currently, the Lord has me in a place where I just haven’t the faintest idea what I’m doing. But, I’m called to do it–all the more glory to Him who alone makes me able. But, the vulnerability and the battle to balance going forward in confidence with wanting to curl up in a ball and roll away . . . it’s the faith walk. Glad I’m not alone.
    Joy to you!

    • Love your honesty and willingness to share with me that feeling of curling up in a ball-I get that! Praying for you and all others that when we are given hard challenges, God’s love and grace become even bigger to strengthen us for the next steps.

  12. Dear Mary, just last night I needed to admit that in growing older, I am less and less the person I think I was. I shared this with my sweet husband and we had a wonderful conversation. It opened up this beautiful truth that we are as God made us and He wants us to come as we are. I needed to say that out loud to my husband so that I could hear me and know that I need to be as I am and come to my marriage that way too. I have changed because of age and growth in the Lord and so many of life’s circumstances that changed me.
    Thank you so much for this today.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

    • Amen Linda! We do change and the beauty is that as followers of Christ, He supports us along the way with such love that we can be real with Him and with others. I love that your conversation with your husband gave you the opportunity to process changes out loud-a spoken affirmation for yourself. Thank you for being here! Love your heart and words.

  13. great post!

    There are different aspects of come as you are, though. I’m neither weak, nor vulnerable, nor broken.

    As illness progresses, as pain and debility increase, I just get stronger. I survived today; I can’t be broken tomorrow. The hurt may attack me, but I will return, and I’ll bring the pain. This is war, and war is what I’m good at.

    People may love me for this, or not. I know some don’t, and would far prefer I admit to a weakness I don’t feel, and to “lean back into the pain and let go”.

    Yeah, right. When pigs fly.

    And I may be wrong, and Jesus will say He never knew me. But I’ll still walk up to Jesus, and look Him in the eye. He’s supposed to be my Brother, right?

    Guess we’ll see what happens. I’ll send y’all a postcard.

    • Thank you for your words and for the honesty you share about who you are and how strong you are. God strengthens us when we turn to Him and shows us that we can overcome. I am blessed by your words. Sabbath blessings!

  14. That song by David Crowder has become one of my favorites. And your words today, friend, are just the reminder I need. I am also reminded of this beautiful hymn >>>
    Love you both, Mary and Barbie.
    It makes me smile to see the two of you linking arms together in this beautiful online world.

    • Thank you for affirming that God speaks to us beautifully through songs. He also adores when we just spend time with Him. May we all stop the craziness of the world each day to be still and listen in our joy, sorrow and messiness. Blessed that Barbie allows me to walk along side her at The Weekend Brew. She is an amazing encourager and friend. Thank you for being part of this community Beth! Hugs!

    • Crowder’s song stops me dead in my tracks every time. Everything falls away with the reminder from God to “come as we are”. It truly is an invitation of such love and adoring grace. Blessed as always when you join us here because your encouragement is integral to this community. Blessings!

  15. Thank you for this invitation and encouragement to be real. We were just discussing this yesterday as we plan a “Be Still” retreat. Talking about how we need to strip off the trappings of the world – makeup, fancy clothes, nice shoes, etc – and get real and vulnerable with God. To truly “be” with Him, we need to let Him into our real. As you point out, we also need to let our friends into our real so they can truly support and love us in our times of need.

    • Amen to friends and support because without our people walking along side us, including our Father, we would be nothing. Praying that your retreat allows you to strip the exterior of your bodies to reveal your souls and true selves to each other and to God. Weekend Blessings! So glad you are here!

  16. Thank you so much for this message of hope and acceptance today, Mary. I love that invitation to come as I am. It’s a good thing because I’m a mess, the worst of all sinners, just like Paul! (At least we’re all in good company, right?) Thanks for sharing so openly your thoughts and your brokenness here. I’m going to remember this week: when struggles come to tear me down, God comes to build me up!

    • I love being in community with you, Betsy! We are blessed by a God who made us real and messy but in the process He heals, teaches and sends exactly who we need for the journey. Thank you for your sweet words and for being such an encouraging member of this community. Weekend Blessings!

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