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  1. Thank you for sharing Barb. I’m so grateful for our marvelous God who won’t let go of us, and that you found him that morning. 🙂 May His peace be with you.

  2. I want to get up from where I sit and run to your side, listen to your heart and give you the biggest, warmest hug from Florida I can muster up. I see your heart and it is beautiful. You know when you are so lovely others can see they are not the only ones carrying the scare of trouble, they are not the only ones crying inside, and they are not alone. Thanks for sharing. He said we would have trouble in the world, but your testimony in clear words of truth is revelation – He Has Overcome the World!

    • Oh Chris, that would be a day, wouldn’t it? I wish I could meet you this side of heaven. You’ve been such a steady rock of encouragement to me these last couple of years. Thank you!

  3. Oh, dear sister. Praying for you. You know what I have been going through. Your post encouraged me so much. I, too, crave to stay away. To stay hidden. But Christ uses His body and His Word to break through the pain.

  4. I can so relate to this, Barbie…

    I think I have been here, a time or two myself.

    He is worthy – even when we don’t feel able, or desire to give HIM what he is due. He is so patient. Ever-faithful and true. And He just makes a way when there seems to be no way.

    Thank you for sharing your heart here today!!

  5. I so get this. I’ve just come out of a dark few weeks and yes I made myself go to church because I knew it’s where I needed to be. Unfortunately part of my hard right now is not having friends who I can be really with or cry on their shoulders but one particularly hard day I am standing during worship trying to sing and all I could do is cry. I cried through all the worship songs until the final one when I was able to lift my hands in praise for I knew it was His shoulder I was crying on. He does meet us where we are even…no especially in the hard.

    Hugs to you friend.

  6. So beautiful…I know what it is like to put up walls and not let people in, not let God in even but when we do the healing begins doesn’t it? I love the image of God bending low, arm outstretched waiting for us, wanting to bring hope and healing and love, so much love. Praying the breakthrough you had will be built upon daily and God’s healing continue in your life. Our Pastor was just sharing Sunday about how so many that made the choice to walk through the doors Sunday were so brave, brave to come with all their hurts and fears, real needs and trials. I believe that God honors that act of bravery and meets us there every single time.

  7. Oh I so want to put my arms around you and be present. What a powerful lesson you share as you went in anyway, not letting the discouragement and hopelessness of the enemy keep from the One who ministers to your soul. Prayers and love your way.

  8. You are much braver than you give yourself credit for, friend. I’m so happy you had another to hold and comfort you. Being vulnerable – can be the most frightening part of being human – but the rewards and connections brought by His Hand are precious. Blessings to you for sharing your heart with us!

  9. I’ve been learning so much as I study the Life of Moses with BSF and the primary lesson has been that the first response God is always looking for is for us to come to Him with an open and honest heart. I’ve been comforted by the reminder that God already knows. What we bring to Him comes with no surprise. But I so get how we want to hide. From Him and from others. Praying big prayers that like Moses did, in all circumstances, we go to God. His arm is long enough for whatever we are experiencing. He is able! Love you so much, friend. (((hugs)))

  10. There is absolute purity and beauty in your words because you let your heart speak what you are feeling and in doing so you allowed God to enter but all of your friends out here in cyberworld who love and pray for you too.

    God has been calling me over and over in 2015 to be “real”. To show people that I struggle and that I am not as strong as you might think. My writing has changed and reflects some of that and it has been hard. My stomach does flips when I hit “publish” because I want everyone to always think the best of me. What I am learning is that they still think the best of me and now they have the context to understand why and what and how.

    Your words hit me deeply and that is good. I appreciate the call to be “real” (sometimes I think this should be my one word this year!) Love you friend and praying you through this season.

  11. Barbie, I’m so sorry you’re going through this! Oh but friend, thank you for sharing. Your struggle and your faith are comforting and reassuring. My prayers are with you. Much love.

  12. This is heartbreakingly beautiful, Barbie. My heart hurts to know you are walking through hard right now yet it rejoices that God is showing Himself faithful to you. You are known, seen, and remembered. Hugs and prayers, AJ.

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