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  1. Unconditionally, completely and without reservation.

    Well, that’s the type of love that we as children of most High God are enjoying in Christ. God’s love perfectly corresponds to who He is as an all-sufficient God; therefore, His love is enough to sustain us when we’re rejected and despised by others.

  2. what beautiful encouragement! I am married but it’s complicated, and sometimes it feels like a contest as to who got the bigger vase of flowers or beat surprise from their husband. Thanks for the reminder that we are loved with a perfect love no matter where We are in life.

    • Melissa, I understand completely, about being married and it being complicated. Praying you sense His perfect love for you each and every day.

  3. Thanks for this reminder, Barbie. As a single woman, it is easy to forget that I am indeed loved. Especially since this is not my favorite holiday of the year! 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s day with those you love. xoxo

  4. Oh yes, friend! How we can reach for, grasp, chase, or race down what Hollywood shows us what love is….when real love waits, like a gentlemen; kind, compassionate, forgiving, and merciful! Might we all know the fullness of that kind of love this Valentine’s Day! A love true, waiting…for us to delve deep into His completely and satisfying and sustaining love, never leaving or forsaking! Happy Valentine’s Day Barbie!

  5. What a beautiful picture for a beautiful post! Thank you for your words of comfort to every heart today. It doesn’t matter if you have a Sweetheart today. If we are daughters of the King, we have the greatest love ever!

  6. Barbie, the rose looks like a “Peace” rose which was my mother’s favorite when she grew so many of her own. And I am so grateful to have God’s beautiful forgiving love. Hallelujah! We are blessed, aren’t we? Good to see you today.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  7. Right now, I’d be tempted to say, “Oh, yeah?” Yesterday was spent dealing with a disastrously compromised pancreas, and then a bug flew into my eye, and now I’m doing the Cyclops thing…can;’ open my left eye, and stayed up all night because of it.

    But I know that I AM indeed loved, that God didn’t send these things. They’re a product of the world in which free will is necessary, to make us into fit citizens of heave, and not mere puppets, waiting for the Puppeteer to pull the strings.

    God’s helping me through them with an optimistic and patient heart. That the pancreas thing will kill me doesn’t matter; one can still be optimistic in one’s last moment…not for heaven, but for the opportunity of doing one more positive thing, that will bear witness for the Lord’s love.

    • Andrew, thank you for stopping by. We can choose to look at all that is happening around us, our shortcomings, the chaos, the mess of life. Or, we can choose to believe that God truly does love us and will never not love us. I appreciate your comment and insight.

  8. Oh Barbie, you brought a smile to my heart and to my face with this beautiful graphic and words. Plan to share later on my FB page. 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

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