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  1. Your words remind me of a beautiful worship song by Bethel Music – “Closer.” I don’t know if you’ve heard it before but it is a comfort to me. And, like you’ve pointed out here, Mary, God takes us deeper and closer to His heart when we read His word. Thanks for your inspirational voice in the challenges of my day!

    • Thank you for being here Beth! I will have to check out that song. I actually am new to Bethel worship music but love everything I have heard. Praying we ll go deeper in God’s word and draw closer to Him in the process. Blessings to you for a beautiful week!

  2. Mary, you have expressed so beautifully the power of spending time with Him and in His Word. This is why I am so in love with Bible Study Fellowship because it has transformed my time with Him.
    Love you much, friend.
    Love you too, Barbie.
    (((hugs))) to both of you.

    • I know a number of people who are involved in Bible Study Fellowship. It sounds wonderful! I will have to look into it for the future. Love that you stopped by and love you too!

  3. Love that His Word is active and oh so sharp…He adjusts my attitude in ways I could never myself! I would be so lost without His Word, and I am enjoying the #LentChallenge I am on, which is sort of like a Gospel Feast for 40 days. I feel so FULL of Jesus. Loved your quotes, Mary!

  4. Love this so much! A call to get all in to the living sustenance we need ever so much to keep our eternal perspective. Oh It feeds us well!
    Wonderful encouragement, Mary!

  5. Beautiful words, friend. It is truly in the Word of the Lord that we can go deeper than we ever imagined. Sometimes that’s comforting and then again, sometimes it is downright scary. There are times I don’t wanna go deeper. I’m fine just skimming along the surface. But my heart knows what I truly need and is always willing to call me deeper to hear the words He has specifically for me…even when it hard, it’s always a comfort to hear His voice. Happy Sunday! xoxo

    • Happy Sunday to you too! I understand the scary part of letting God’s word soak in deeper than you want, but it is reassuring to know that He is always there as our safety net to catch us. Blessed that you are here today friend!

  6. Blessings Mary & Barbie! A call to go deeper . . . and so necessary with so many distractions that can keep us in bondage to a scant, surface Christianity. I find smaller doses of Scripture to chew on throughout the day goes further than binge Bible reading. It’s not a race in the reading–it’s a relationship. Supping a line or two for depth of meaning has always been my reader’s choice. Great post on a topic central to our walk with Him.

    • Thank you Kathryn! I love how you shared that it is all about a relationship with God and not about binge reading of the Bible. It’s a great way to look at the importance of digging in deeper rather than spreading ourselves too thin. Thank you for being here! Blessings!

  7. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for your post. I loved where you said – “Our hearts are filled with God when we desire more of Him. In the craving of more and the opening of our hearts to hearing His Word, we allow the deepening to take place- filling the crevices and inner chambers of our hearts.” I so agree. The more I read His Word, the more I crave for our Lord and His truth. I’m spending time reading through the Old Testament at the moment, and so value what He is bringing my attention to through it.
    God bless 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing and joining in on the conversation. Reading through the old testament is such a great way to gain the foundation, the history and the backstory to all we embrace as children of God. Blessed you joined us this weekend!

  8. Hi Mary and Barbie!
    Sometimes I find myself just not wanting to open my bible, not wanting to even communicate with God, and then I feel guilty, which brings me further from Him. For me, music is what helps me return. A certain worship song, or a song with the lyrics of just what I need to hear will draw me in and I once again find myself at the feet of Jesus and repentance and cleansing follow. He truly is an awesome God. Thanks for posting this, and, as always, for hosting.

    • I love your honesty and confession because even though God calls us to spend time with Him and deepen our relationship with Him, we all have times when this is not reality. I am so glad that God still draws you back in through music. Thank you for being here and have a blessed weekend!

  9. Love this post. The Lord has been speaking to me about deepening my relationship as well and I have been working on that. Thank you for your words! Blessings!

  10. Deepening is doing my job. Even though I was ill last night, it meant sitting up with a sick Pit Bull who felt worse than I did.

    God made her; He entrusted her to me. That’s pretty much it.

    She’s still feeling awful, but she survived the night, and the sunrise.

    Her name is Rapunzel. Puzzle to her friends, which pretty much includes the whole wide world…including cats and rabbits.

    • I love how you stay strong for yourself, your family and the dogs in your sanctuary. May God bless all tonight that sleep comes for all. So glad you joined us this weekend!

  11. I appreciate your encouragement to draw closer to God, to walk more closely with Him, Mary. I think God’s Word is an integral part of my drawing closer too. Also worship. The times when I stop to lift up a little song, either out loud in the car or at home, silently somewhere else.Also just sitting before God in silence. 🙂

    • Worship is also part of my deepening with God. In fact, music was the one of the first ways that I grew to know God. I always love when you join us Betsy. Have a blessed weekend!

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