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  1. Wow! You have amazing talent for poetry. I can’t imagine coming up with that in five minutes LOL. How important to be real in today’s world. I agree… it’s easier to wear a mask at times.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog too! 🙂 I appreciate that you took the time to do that.

  2. I have often worn a mask. The clown that is laughing on the outside and crying on the inside. Sometimes my heart is breaking but I put on a face not the real one. Thanks for being real. Blessings Diana

  3. Great post, Barbie!
    It’s a shame that fear is often keeping us back from showing the real us. I tried to step out and be bold in the last couple of months and it’s been a blessing! Yes, it took courage, but I got so much love and realness and honesty in return – definitely a good path to stay on!
    Have a great weekend! – your FMF neighbor

    • Fear does cause us to withhold the person God created us to be, our real and true selves. Fear of man, fear of rejection, fear of failure. I’m so thankful for His grace and continued strength to rise up from the ashes, leaning on my Beloved, taking the journey toward true authenticity.

  4. There’s much freedom in putting down the mask and just being yourself. Thank you for putting down the mask and sharing with us.

  5. This is the real me,
    embraced by the arms of my Eternal Father
    forever loved and always accepted.

    Oh I love this, Barbie. Because it’s the real ME too! Lovely and real poem.

  6. Barbie, thank you for sharing from your heart…your real and transparent heart!
    Bless you with GREAT JOY on your amazing journey with Jesus!!
    Thank you for your encouragement today.

  7. Just beautiful, Barbie. I’m reading Don Miller’s newest book, Scary Close, and he writes about how this being our true selves and how not being real impacts our level of intimacy in relationships. It’s a challenging but great book.

    I so adore you, friend. You are always held close in prayer.

    Much love.

  8. I tried writing once for 5 minutes when I went to a writers group with my SIL….I was really horrible at it. Others came up with very interesting pieces. Just not a skill I have I guess.

    I’m out and about today, visiting gearing up for the up coming challenge. Always nice to meet new bloggers. Good luck to you.

    • Sandy, I am so thankful you stopped by. I remember how scared I was when I first starting using the 5 Minute prompts. But it does get better! I hope you will try again. Blessings!

  9. Truly coming from the heart. When you write like this the “real” come to the surface like cream in a bucket of milk. Everyone knows the cream is the best part. Good job, my friend, good job.

  10. WOW, Barbie! How closely our posts connect!! I used the word “perceive” in mine as well; and I was questioning how “real” I am…but I am who I am; this is me!! Loved your words! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Wonderful post, Barbie. It takes such strength & courage to be real. And when we dig deep & become real with one another, there is such blessing which comes. So grateful for your constant transparency. May we always be brave & be real.

    • I’ve learned so much in this area over the last year Joanne. It’s not always easy, but I think it’s necessary. Hugs!

  12. The beautiful truth about or God who can meet us wherever we are and loves us so unconditionally. Thanks for another beautiful and inspiring post. I miss visiting your blog. Forgive me for not visiting often. My loss though. 🙂

  13. Love, love, love this, Barbie! Coming out from behind the masks has been something the Lord has been teaching me so much this last year! Living without shame is a process I’m finding that doesn’t happen overnight, (at least not for me) but the more I learn about grace and His love for me, the more I experience the freedom of being known and accepted by Him! Beautiful poem!!!

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