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  1. Oh Barbie, this ministered to me SO much today. As I’m coming down off the pressure of recording my video for the Wisdom for Wives Online Conference (which my stomach was completely in knots over the past two weeks), I feel this after-effect of stress still working its way out of my body. There’s still so much to do in preparation for the conference but the hardest part is done. I feel like I got lost in the busyness of preparing and didn’t meet God as much or with as much enthusiasm and craving as I know I have in the past. I almost feel like my spiritual tank is empty. Like I’ve poured out all I can and need time to be still again and fill back up with God’s love. I’m inspired to pull your book off the shelf and read a little bit each day again. God spoke to me through this post. I’m sure he has more to say. Love you, friend.

  2. I just love how your search took you to your own words. God is just awesome!! And I do remember this devotional from your book. Love you, your heart and your words. xoxo

  3. Your graphic speaks such peace and beauty! I’m breathing deep, in and out, on this first Monday after Daylight savings time change in Turkey after a busy weekend. Making it through the day by grace! Blessings to you during this transition, friend. You’ll soon be through it and realize grace got you through.

  4. Oh, I love this and may have to run it off for future reference. AND, I’m just thrilled that things are looking up for you and yours. No one more deserving for sure! Hugs for a happy Easter week!!!!

  5. This reminds me of our service today, surrendering our lives to Him. Taking a deep breath and handing our lives over to His care. Continued prayers and thoughts, friend. I know He has great plans in store for you! Grateful for the community you created here. Hugs!

  6. Beautiful and precious words, Barbie. Thank you for prompting me to breathe. How often I find myself out of breath! I will remember your words in days to come. Bless you, dear one. Thank you for hosting this great place of love and encouragement!

  7. Beautiful, Barbie. I’m so sorry that you’re still battling this depression. I actually just read in Prevention Magazine that regularly taking ProBiotics can help with that. Who knew? I’m game…I know depression very well…we’ve been “friends” for years.

  8. Beautiful! Words I need today as I too am feeling overwhelmed. You would think since I am on Spring Break my life would be focused on resting and breathing but instead my mind goes to all I hope I can accomplish this week. Your words are the breath of renewal rushing in to remind me that my “to do” list can wait but God cannot!

    Love you friend for always letting God speak His truth through you!

    • He truly is the Breath of Life. I know that if I just keep breathing Him in, things will get better. Have a blessed week Mary!

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