Springs Of Living Water // The Weekend Brew — 42 Comments

  1. Thanks for this reminder, Barbie. I’m in a space where I am floundering…feeling afloat without a church family…and I needed the reminder that the Fountain is the source of everything I need. Bless you on this Lord’s Day, sweet friend. xoxo

    • The fountain is accessible 24 hours a day, from anywhere. Thankful you were encouraged Holly. Have a beauty-filled week!

  2. it is like you are bathing us in prayer,Barbie… I just have to say , Amen!
    Thanks for your faithfulness as you share the link up and connect hearts together, but even more for sharing your heart for Him.

  3. Your post is beautifully refreshing. Thank you for sharing with us the gifts and talents God has blessed you with. May your weekend be a beautiful time at the fountain. Much love!

  4. Not just any water, but the Living water. To fill our empty places. Amen, Barbie. What a beautiful offering today. Blessings on your Saturday!

  5. Thank you for this beautiful encouragement! I have walked through many valleys. This: “If you look closely… you will see Living Water begin to rise up.” I will keep that close today and always. What a perfect thing to visualize!

  6. Beautiful post. It reminded me of this verse I read in Psalm 145 yesterday >”The Lord always keeps his promises; he is gracious in all he does.” (verse 13, NLT). And yes, when He opens His hand, He satisfies every hunger & thirst. So grateful He fills us with life, hope, and Living Water. Have a blessed weekend!

  7. This is beautiful, Barbie. You are a gifted women: wonderful words, beautiful graphics, and you write poetry too! I love reading The Weekend Brew on Saturday mornings.

    (By the way, the share buttons are turning up quick and easy now on your posts.)

    • Thank you Betsy. I’ve loved creating poetry with my words. I like the shorter posts. And I am thankful my share buttons are behaving. Have a blessed week Betsy!

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