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  1. Loved today’s blog and the STOP portion, too comical but at the same time so true…we need to stop making excuses and just STOP and PRAY, have that heart to heart with our Abba Father at any point in the day or all day. I get so qrapped up in my list so I tihk on my list I must write PRAY, I’m sure that will draw me back to Him more often. Thanks my friend and also so nice to meet Barbie via your blog!

  2. Ellen, like you I have my fair share of books on the way to pray because someone I felt like everyone else knew how to do it better than me. But as you pointed out all of the studying up on praying can lead to a lot reading but very little praying time. I like your advice to simply get started. Far too often I think we over complicate the act of praying.

  3. My prayer time is that one hour first thing in the morning, too. It’s definitely a challenge! I make it up ok, but often spend more time reading and less praying:) We are a work in progress, aren’t we? Blessings, friend!

    • That we are Kristine! I think it’s a matter of “finding your pace.” Or even changing things up when it’s not working. The important thing is to keep at it! Satan wants us to give up! But we won’t! We are overcomes in Christ Jesus! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. I know it stays we’re to pour into our children as we come and go and sit and stand – and I think praying to God is like that -when we weave it through our day – when we go to him throughout the day – we weave more of Him into our story. It does make a difference to start the day with intentional prayer – just him and me – and the more I pray – and the more I weave Him through my day – the more I have a real relationship with Him! Your post is a liberating post – in that it takes the struggle out – and airs it, shakes it out – and we can talk then about how to mend it whole! So love your insight and heart!

    • Oh my goodness, I love how you relate prayer as weaving more of Him into our story! I will remember that during those long days at work! I will be weaving more of Him into mu life! Thank you!

  5. Ellen, it is so wonderful to see your here at Barbie’s place today. You have those Jekyl and Hyde moments too? Thank goodness I’m not the only one. 😉 You are so right that a little bit of Jesus DOES go a long way and I’m so thankful that he uses that time to mold me, even when it is a slow process. Keep sharing your light, dear friend. You are making a difference!

  6. It can be so hard to pray. So hard not to get distracted. So hard to find quiet time. But we need to keep at it. Keep trying. Keep praying, even if it’s snippets of prayer! It’s better to make the effort than to not try at all.

  7. Yes, begin right where you are. I love that because our loving Jesus never moves. He is waiting for us and knows each of our hearts. Thank you for your encouraging words. Blessings, Tammy

  8. Oh thank you friend for reminding me to stop talking about it and do it! I am speaking this weekend on “Prayer Changes Everything”. You have given me much to think about. You are a blessing to me. Thank you Barbie for featuring this sweet girl!

  9. Oh Ellen, thank you for being so honest and transparent. I can identify with that! My parents were such prayer warriors and now that they are gone, I miss knowing they are praying for me and my family. But, they passed the torch to their daughters and I am now responsible for standing in the gap, for praying for the salvation of my nephews, for praying my grandchildren through difficult tests and trials, that God will send His mate for each of them, that my children will be the parents God desires them to be, etc. What a privilege it is to be able to do that! And yet, I’m so like you in that I am remiss in doing so faithfully. I praise Him that He does hear my heart and knows of my desire to spend time with Him on my knees when most times I am still on my feet. Thanks again for this “canceled” post.

    • Oh, Libby. Passing the torch…that’s a blog post I’ve been unable to write, but I know so much what you mean! It’s our responsibility now to pray for our children and grand children. So very thankful that we have the Holy Spirit to help us in our weakness in prayer! Thank you for your encouraging comments!

  10. Beautiful, Ellen, just beautiful! What an inspiring post. You made me feel like you can see inside of my head when you describe how sometimes it seems like prayer doesn’t stick as you go about your day. But I’ll keep persevering along with you, friend. I pray that these words will encourage many.

    Thanks for hosting my sweet friend, Barbie!

    Tweeting this later! It’s too good to just stay here!

    • Aw, Betsy! Thanks so much! You bring me such encouragement with your words! And I think the reason scriptures tell us to pray without ceasing, is because of those days we have, or those sandpaper people, that make us forget what we were just praying. That’s why we need to carry our prayers with us all through the day. Now, if I could just practice doing this…

  11. I loved your post, I have never googled Quiet Time. My favorite author on prayer is Becky Tirabassi, She has prayed an hour a day for over thirty years, I use her journal system to record my prayers. I do think we just have to do it. Tracie Miles in her book, Your Life Still Counts says, just never say Amen. The best part is when I do not know how to pray we have the Holy Spirit praying for us. Blessings my friend. Diana

    • Oh, Diana, I think I may have the same journal on prayer from becky Tirabassi! So thankful that we do have the Holy Spirit, stepping in to pray when we don’t know how! Sometimes the feelings are there, but the words just won’t come. Thank you for your encouragement today!

  12. Ellen,
    What a great reminder to simply pray…and you’re so right about how one doesn’t run a marathon right away and neither does one change immediately to conform to Christ in our responses…I know for me it has been a painfully slow process but after decades, I can see change… SO very thankful for God’s grace…there’s the set aside time to pray and then there’s the praying throughout the day in breath prayers and in how I live…Many blessings to you 🙂

    • Dolly, I’m so glad you stopped by. Oh, yes, God’s grace and His mercy and His never ending patience! So thankful for all those, especially when I seem to be a “slow learner”! I know He will never give up on me! Thank you for your kind comments! Blessings to you!

  13. Ellen, so true! It really is about just sitting down and praying. I never thought I was very good at it either. But there is something so holy about praying…especially for all Gods people. Hard to believe but for the last five years I have prayed through my Facebook friends list as a Lenten discipline. Talk about an eye opening experience! Let’s try and infuse our lives with more prayer!

    • Tara, what an awesome idea! I love your term “infuse” our lives with more prayer. Makes me think of a tea bag soaked through with hot water…just plain water and plain tea before, but when infused it becomes a warm comforting cup of tea! Thanks so much for your comments and for stopping by! I appreciate you!

  14. Oh, I so relate , especially with the driving. My car rides are usually one long confession Time with the lord! Grew post! Love your practical approach to prayer.

    • Hi Dawn! Oh, I can just see you driving in your car and having confession time! The great thing about car time with the Lord is that there are (usually) no interruptions! So glad you visited today!

  15. Ellen, my new friend. I enjoyed your post. I confess I gulped when you said, “If you Google Quiet Time, you will have 70 million choices. SEVENTY MILLION.” That’s a lot of voices out there. Anyone can get confused, frustrated and wonder what to do. Just do it is great advice. God is near. He who formed the ear, hears. He who designed the lips, speaks and He who set our spirit in us loves us with an ever lasting love. He enjoys our time together and is pleased when we come before Him to gather our manna for today. It takes “Give us our daily bread” to a whole new level. Blessings to you from Chris~

  16. Stop reading about praying, and pray. Yeah, exactly.

    Nevill Shute, in his wonderful novel “Round The Bend”, describes a life of prayer as being one in which each act, each individual task at work, is brought before God with the intention to do it as well as possible, and to receive God’s help in so doing.

    That way, one’s prayer does from digital on-off, so to speak…to constant analog.

    • Wonderful thought, Andrew! A constant praying. I am currently reading Jennifer Kennedy Dean’s Live a Praying Life, and she mentions the same thing. Thanks so much for comments!

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