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  1. “Jesus’ surrender is a challenge to create a resurrection in our own faith.” I am deeply inspired by those words Mary. I’m keeping the spirit of resurrection close. Reading your words on the Monday after reminds me to keep the promise of restoration alive. Thank you for your faithful commitment to this gathering of souls. You are the #GiveMeGrace Wordsmith of the Week!

    • You bless me every week with your own words, Lisha and I love the Give Me Grace community. I am humbled to be your wordsmith and love that we share in wanting to keep the resurrection alive in our own lives. How we live and how we choose to honor God will be a true testimony to our own resurrected faith. Blessings as we remember and journey forward from here.

  2. I think it’s so important to meditate on this sacrifice of our Lord, Mary–every day and not just at Easter. Of course we can see it playing out in movies, but I don’t want to rely on Hollywood’s view of Christ and the crucifixion. I want to remember the sacrifice–playing it over and over in my mind so that I will never take Christ’s shed blood and powerful victory over death for granted. Thanks for your encouragement to each of us to remember His sacrifice and worship Him, my friend! Happy Resurrection Day!

    • Taking the time every year to reflect on Jesus’ death and resurrection teaches me all over again that I am worthy because He chose me and chooses me everyday. It is amazing and very humbling! Easter blessings to you and your family. So glad you are joining us here each week.

  3. One of the old hymns says “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow. Because He lives, all fear is gone.” Your post is a beautiful reminder that all things are possible because He lives. Thanks, Mary!! Happy Easter, friend!

  4. Because He Lives… we are changed forever- and can live out the resurrection every day. Thank you for this reminder. This line says it all perfectly: “May Jesus’ surrender challenge us to take a chance on opening wide our hearts for God and create a resurrection in our faith and actions toward others.” Beautiful post! Have a blessed Easter!

    • So glad you join us here each week Karen. Isn’t beautiful that we have been given the gift of living our lives for God? All because He lives and chose us to live too! Happy Easter!

  5. Mary, I so love your post focusing on Because He Lives…you expressed so we’ll all the many facets of what our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ did for us when took our sin on the cross and rose from the dead with the divine receipt, “Paid In Full” ❤️

    • Our sins have been paid in full and it is humbling and glorious. We are redeemed by Jesus’ love for us and now we need to live resurrection lives honoring God. Happy Easter to you!

  6. Because He lives, we are sisters together in grace, together in God’s family! Barbie and Mary, wishing you both a most blessed Easter! Thank you for your testimony and ministry.

    • Thank you for always being here and for encouraging me and others. I pray that Easter is not only a time of remembrance but absolute gratefulness for the love and grace He sacrificed for each of us. Happy Easter!

    • Amen! Jesus chose each us and knew each of us as He sacrificed himself on the cross. This amazing love brings me to my knees in absolute gratefulness. Easter blessings to you and your family, Joanne!

  7. Amen! Because He lives we receive fresh grace and new mercies each morning! But it is good to remember that our new mercies with purchased with His blood. Happy Easter to Mary and to Barbie too!

    • Because He lives we are loved beyond what we can imagine and we are given the gift of grace daily. It is very humbling. I pray you and your family have a blessed Easter and may we all remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for each of us. Blessings!

  8. Thank you for this visual of that day so long ago, Mary! I far too often try to skip over that part and go straight to His rise 3 days later. I think it’s important to remember and reflect on the incredibly painful moments He suffered for us. I love the reminders you shared of all we’re blessed with “because He lives.” I’m always so blessed by your words, my friend.

    • Thank you Candace! Holy Week always touches me deeply as I remember that because of Jesus I live. Every part of me cries unworthy and He lovingly says to me – “you are worthy, I chose you!”. I love that you linked up and love you! Happy Easter!

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