God Is Just — 4 Comments

  1. So true. I wish I have never struggled with the issue of justice but I have. It is hard to see such unjust acts happening and lives ruined in the process. But God is just and He always has a plan and a timetable – I need to remember to rest in that timetable when I am impatient. I also love the reminder that He weeps and mourns with the broken and hurting. As much as we love those around us who are victim to injustice, God loves them and those who committed the acts more than we ever could imagine. He desires justice and healing for both parties. Thanks for this – I needed it….

  2. I love the verses intertwined throughout this. Your words encourage me to remember that God cares about our ache when life is confusing and seems unfair. Knowing that God is good and just is a promise I hold onto with hope. Thanks for making your way over to my blog and I am so encouraged by yours, Barbie. I’m looking forward to reading more!

  3. Studying the Life Of Moses has revealed much to me on this very attribute of God. I appreciate you doing this series, Barbie. Much love to you. You’ve been in my thoughts. xoxo

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