He Pursues Us // Share The Brew With Carrie Lorfano — 8 Comments

    • Yes, I am in awe of His patience and unconditional love! And so thankful He continued to pursue me especially because I least deserved it! Blessings to you!

  1. Thanks for sharing your story with such candid frankness about the attitudes you struggled with. Isn’t it interesting how we can fall into the trap of believing God owes us for our suffering? That hit home a little too closely for me. So nice to meet another blogger in Barbie’s gracious space!

    • Ginger, it was tough to write! I allowed my anger to control everything. I still carry a lot of shame for my behavior. Yet He uses it all for good! I’m able to teach my children from my mistakes and show how grateful I am for God’s mercy. It is lovely to meet you!

  2. Carrie, I really enjoyed this post! Having been the Joneses myself as well as the neighbor who longs for those things, I can relate. What I’ve learned living both roles is that it’s all just stuff. True prosperity is born from love, which comes from God. Every household, regardless of financial status experiences hardship, grief, sorrow, and sinfulness. It’s how we pull together in love with the people who God has placed in our life, homes, or on our path that determines true prosperity. At least that is the lesson God has taught me over the years. The rug filled with the treasures of life can always be pulled right out from underneath us when we least expect it, but nobody can take away the love in our hearts. ☺️

    • Rosann, yes! It all can be gone in a blink. It was a very difficult – and long! – lesson for me to learn. I have to be careful not to let those envy tendencies flare up. I love how you wrote “True prosperity is born from love, which comes from God.” I will hold tightly to this truth. Thank you! Blessings!

  3. Carrie, what a beautiful testimony to how God pursues us and how He tenderly and slowly disciplines us. I could very much relate to our story as I too spent many years believing I was entitled to favor too. I compared myself to others who had more and even began spending beyond our means because I thought more would make me happy. God was always the One needed to fill those empty and broken places in my heart.

    Such a blessing to see you sharing at the lovely Barbie’s today. Two beautiful hearts coming together!! Love you both. xoxo

    • I wish I could bring back the years I wasted but it took me that long to learn. And I can reflect on it now and I doubt I’d be the same person had we stayed in my home state. God worked His love in me and through me – I am so blessed! Thank you, Beth for your lovely comment! Much love to you, friend!

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