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  1. The “lens” that God has been prescribing for me lately is the one that allows me to see others as my brothers and sisters in the Lord. Even today that lesson was reinforced through the message and the music in church this morning, and even in what might otherwise be an unpleasant encounter. I am learning to remember that my focus needs to be on the Lord, and that fellow Christians are (hopefully) running towards the cross as well – we’re headed the same direction although we tend to get in each other’s way at times!

    • Thank you for sharing your lens. Too often we do not view others as our brothers and sisters in Christ even though we are headed in the same direction-toward God. I am praying that as you learn to look through this lens others also are doing the same as we all head toward the cross. Blessings!

  2. Such a beautiful way to “look at” our walk with the Lord, Mary! This makes me think of calling the many lenses you’ve mentioned, our “spectacles of faith.” I tend to try and look at life without using my “spectacles” and then I’m seeing things blurry and distorted. Hmmm, kind of reminds me of my video that I posted today. Thanks for the “insight,” my friend! Love seeing you here at the Weekend Brew!

    • What a great expression-spectacles of faith! We all need some of those spectacles to look at life through God’s eyes and not just our own. I can’t wait to check out your video today. Blessed as always that you are joining us here each week!

    • I agree Michelle but these blog parties have a way of filling us with just the right words when we need them. I am always grateful when I see you joining in. Hope your Sunday and coming week are blessed.

    • I love the reminder of the song “Be Thou My Vision”which reflects much of what I wrote in this post. I also want to live in the light of eternity through the perspective that puts God first in my life. So glad you are here today.

    • The gift of God’s lenses are in the beautiful perspective we receive as we view each day. I am praying with you that we all choose a lens to view life that leads us closer to God. Thank you as always for being here.

  3. Beautiful post, Mary! Thank you again for hosting this incredible link up, Barbie. Praying you both are doing well! I enjoy the list of life lenses! So good! Helps me change my perspective, especially today. God bless you both!

    • Happy Saturday, Julie! Praying we all see clearly through the lens that God chooses for us and we change our perspective to match His. I love having you here today and I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

    • Thank you Lux! Barbie provides such a beautiful community and I am honored to host The Weekend Brew every other weekend. Praying that your life reflects God’s through the perspective and lens that you choose each day. Have a blessed day!

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  5. Happy Saturday to both you lovely ladies! Great post on perspective, Mary. The lens of scripture is vital, as our own perspectives can be so flawed. Great stuff to take us through the weekend!

    • Thank you for sharing another lens to add to my list above. The lens of scripture is not one that I have thought about before but it is so important to find our truth in God’s word and use this as our perspective daily. I am always glad to see you here each weekend. Blessings!

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  7. Mary, I love this because it is very much like my post today. My mother’s roommate in rehab is looking at life through a dirty and gloomy lens. I guess God doesn’t make mistakes with matching people up in rehab…Sometimes I think I’m going to visit both. Thanks for sharing this.

    • I love that you shared about your mom and roommate today. I can’t wait to read your post to hear more. God definitely does not make mistakes and knows exactly what He is doing even if we cannot see it at the time. Praying that the interaction between your mom and her roomie works toward the good of God. Weekend Blessings!

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  9. Wonderful post, Mary. It is so true – focus determines everything. May we keep our eyes fixed & may He help us to see life through His lens. May both you & Barbie have a wonderful weekend!

    • Focus, perspective and the choices we make with both does determine everything. May our eyes fix on Jesus and our hearts embrace His truth. Happy weekend to you, Joanne!

  10. Happy Saturday! Thank you for all your efforts in hosting this link up. I do enjoy seeing your post in my email. Going on vacation this week with the family, so I’ll be behind on my reading and writing (and everything else, heaven help me!) but will catch up with you next weekend.

  11. Happy Saturday to you, Mary and Barbie! I hope you’ll both have great days.

    Mary, I’m encouraged by your list of “lenses.” I need to get a pair of those glasses! 🙂 This reminds me today that life is how we look at it. I love that Psalm 5 scripture.

    • Happy Saturday, Betsy! I am in great need of these glasses too. Just think how clear and purposeful our lives would look when we choose to put them on each day. As for Psalm 5-it is a jewel-a blessing of words to remind us that God will surround us with His protective shield. Blessings friend!

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