Guided By Trust // Share The Brew with Kathryn Shirey — 9 Comments

  1. Yes, yes, to trusting our Savior. Even and especially when the path ahead seems most uncertain and unknown.

    He lights the way, doesn’t He …

    Bless you, lovely lady … and ‘hi,’ Barbie!


  2. Kathryn, I love this post! My #OneWord365 this year is “trusting”…resting in His everlasting arms knowing that He did call me from my corporate job to serve Him all day every day …as unto the Lord…one day at a time…He is in control healing me from the inside out ❤️

    • I can’t wait to see where He’s leading me, but it’s also scary to think about a radical career change – whether that’s while I’m still in my corporate job or if it means doing something entirely different. Encouraging to know you’ve been on a similar journey. Just trying to trust day by day and live into whatever path He lays out before me.

  3. Sometimes His lamp illuminates the path before us, one step at a time. That’s where I am in this Faith walk, Kathryn. Trusting in His word, those three promises you mentioned, and beyond. Great message!

    • June – you’re so right – some days the path before me is completely shrouded in darkness, and then He’ll begin to barely illuminate one step at a time. As much as I want the whole roadmap with turn-by-turn navigation, God’s way is to provide that lamplight – just the step we need to take, when we need to take it.

    • Thanks, Shannan! It’s definitely been a growth area for me to hand over my trust to God, but it’s been SO worth it. It’s comforting and encouraging to remind myself, “God’s got this.”

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