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  1. This is beautiful, Mary! I love how God speaks to us through His creation, His Word, Hos still, small voice, through Godly counsel, and through preaching and Godly writing such as yours. Thanks for hosting & God bless!

    • Your encouragement is such a sweet gift Laurie! Thank you for being so faithful by visiting The Weekend Brew each week. Pray that your week is full of God’s love notes just waiting to be discovered.

  2. Here’s one “heart murmur” from God – I was running late to a bridal shower and ended up sitting next to a lady that I’ve felt insecurity with in the past. But we talked and laughed and I really enjoyed getting to know her better. I reflected on it later that I truly believe God was in the redeeming of my “lateness” by orchestrating that connection with this lady. I don’t know that our friendship will go anywhere further, but it was a reminder of how God is always in the details–even ones we think are a problem!

    Love ya, Mary and I can tell that your students do too! But I’m so glad you’re not retiring from the blogosphere! Thanks also to Barbie for the linkup!

    • Thank you for sharing your heart murmur. I love how God is in the details no matter how small or how much we think that He may not be paying attention. God certainly shows up at school and sends these little blessings throughout my week. I am so grateful for His love notes. Praying you have a beautiful week friend! Love and hugs!

  3. Mary, this was just so sweet. What great love notes. That note from your student and then the ones from your children. Oh my! God is so good!! Blessings to you, sweet friend. xoxo

    • I love the hearts of my students – they bless me so much. My own sons are such gifts from God and I am amazed everyday at how they are growing up. Love seeing you here! Have a blessed week! Hugs!

  4. Mary this was a beautiful start to my morning. Today, as I was working on a day of homework with Priscilla Shirer, God pointed out a verse that would be great to explore on Marriage Monday. I had asked and in an unexpected way, God left me a love note.

    Blessings friend!

    • Carmen, what a beautiful heart murmur straight from God to you. He tells us all we need do is ask in His name and I believe many times we are afraid to follow through. I am always blessed when you are here. Praying your weekend is full of God whispers.

  5. A beautiful post, Mary! This week God has allowed some tough circumstances to come, but woven in between are the blessings and they always outshine the tough. To remember to see the hand of God everyday. The poem was so precious! Thank you for speaking to my heart. Blessings, Tammy

    • Praises that you were able to recognize God in between the joy and the struggles. He is amazing in how He surrounds us always with all we need. Praying your weekend is blessed and grateful that you joined us here today.

  6. Mary, those sort of love notes are the best. They seem to come just at the right time which always reminds me – our God is a God of both time & timing! Blessings!

    • Amen to a God of timing and blessings! Blessed you are joining us at The Weekend Brew. Praying your weekend is full of God’s whispers just waiting to be discovered.

  7. That poem! How incredibly sweet is that, Mary. What a perfect “heart murmur” for you. My love notes this week were God’s whispers that I can continue to trust Him. Coming home from Women of Joy put me into a bit of a funk. Those weekends are amazing, but sometimes coming back to real life can be difficult :). He kept leading me to the exact verses I needed each day.

    • When we are filed with the Spirit and surrounded by others who believe as we do it is easy to feel invincible and then we come home to real life. I understand that feeling. I am grateful that God sent you just what you needed. Thank you for being here and for your sweet encouragement.

  8. How have I not noticed that you are a third grade teacher? My good husband has taught third grade for the past 23 years, so I have a soft spot for that kind. Thank you for sharing the way God has murmured his love to you this week. Blessings on your weekend.

    • Yes I am a third grade teacher for the next 23 days! 🙂 I have not always taught 3rd grade but I am loving this grade as the perfect way to end my career. Thank you for sharing the connection. Blessings on your weekend and may God send whispers your way!

  9. This is a beautiful post, Mary. I love the idea of seeking to hear God’s whispers in our day. I heard one yesterday as I walked out of my building. Between the moss-covered keystones that make up the sidewalk leading out the door, I saw one TINY, five petaled flower. And I thought how incredible that God places a spot of beauty even in a crack on the sidewalk! Happy weekend to you!

    • I love that Betsy! Even in the cracks of our lives their is beauty too. I love how God works and sends things for us to discover daily. Hope your weekend is blessed.

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