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  1. Because I love the ocean, this image of being carried by God through the “ebbs and flows” of life. It is interesting that I also happened to use that phrase in my post this week. Your description of also being in a place of barrenness and emptiness reminded me of the Israelites in the desert. Oh, how long they waited and yearned for the promised land!! I’m so thankful that we have the Lord to carry us when we are “broken on the water’s edge.” Blessings, Ann

  2. Dear Barbie

    You have such a sweet heart that you lay out here, investing eternity. I pray that you will see a beautiful return manifest by His goodness and grace and that you will feel the sweet embrace of the one who bandages each wound and brings life in our barren places.
    Bless you much!

  3. Hello Barbie!
    This is a wonderful post! Oh, yes, He certainly is a healer and way-maker! No matter the shattering of your dreams or hopes, the Lord picks up the pieces and creates a bigger and better dream that you never would have imagined. I can truly testify to this. It’s not easy while you are going through, but it is tolerable if you hold His hand and believe in Him. As I grow closer to the Lord, in my life walk, I am less prone to crumbling in the face of turbulence. Now, don’t get me wrong…I still tremble in hurt and wonder why…but, I remember, Who holds my future and I return to His embrace and lay my trembling heart at His feet, because I know that He has everything under control. Many blessings and much joy! Cynthia

  4. Barbie, I know the yearning. And the grieving. Praying for you, and all of us, to embrace the redemptive and restorative work that He wants to do in all of us. Love you, friend!

  5. Barbie,
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us so bravely and I pray God will continue to reassure you of His good plan for you and how He is bringing you ultimately to the best place of intimacy with Him…((Hugs)) and Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

  6. May God deliver you to the broad, sunlit uplands…

    Sorry I have been away. Very ill, little internet access except through a borrowed Smart Phone…ISP idiocies.

    Last night was a Gethsemane, but I am still in the fight. It was the loneliest and most physically demoralizing experience of my life…but it did not break me and I know that now, nothing can.

    I will try to visit some WB links tonight. Phone has to go back to my wife now.

    God bless. Ake Ake Kia Kaha – Forever Strong!

    • Saying a prayer for your Andrew, that God would remain close and bring you through this season. Your faith is strong. Thank you for stopping by this weekend.

  7. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability with us. It’s a lesson we can all use. I pray that God will lift you out of the pit (have you read that book, by the way…Beth Moore’s “Get Out of the Pit” or something like that) and plant your feet firmly on the rock. I do love your ebb and flow imagery.

  8. I have been pondering this aging process I am in and yet God reassures me through His Word that rejoicing and being at our Saviors feet is the beautiful times ahead. I hand onto that as you encourage this in your words.
    Thanks, and caring through Christ, ~ linda

    • Aging is something I ponder as well. God is faithful to bring us through every season. Thank you for your faithful support of The Weekend Brew.

  9. Write on my friend! Your deep place looks the same to many and your words of encouragement are a salve to the wounded. Feeling deeply is what we do as writers and sharing those raw places is what God calls us to do. Thank you for being faithful and sharing this beauty on your page. Love you! Happy Mother’s Day!

    • You are such a gift to me. I’ve said that a lot, but it’s so true. Thank you for keeping me steady in the storm. Happy Mother’s Day!

  10. Sweet Barbie, I love your honesty. Thank you. Thank you for showing us the wounds and the hurt and the waiting. That waiting for change is one of the hardest kinds of waiting out there. I pray you continue to find peace as your heart bleeds confessions and needs to this unique gathering of the Body. I pray that, even when faith seems shaky, Christ will be your Help and your Anchor. Love you loads sis!

  11. I am always so grateful for how you share your heart openly with us, Barbie. Every word you write, whether few or many, encourages my heart. Love you much. xoxo

  12. Such a beautiful post, Barbie, encouraging us to hold on in the various seasons. When you bleed onto the page, we all benefit! It’s a transfusion! Thanks so much!

  13. You have definitely encouraged me, Barbie! Let your heart bleed here, my friend. I find so much therapeutic benefit from writing as well. It’s important for us to share our struggles. I think those posts are the ones who help others the most. I found myself nodding in unison throughout your words. Much love to you as you continue to heal your beautiful heart.

    • Thank you Candance. It certainly helps to write through the struggle. Thank you for reading and for your encouragement.

  14. Process away, Barbie! The result on the “page” is beauty for our hearts. My thinking is that your writing is like Paul and Silas singing in the stocks. Other activity had been “arrested,” so they resorted to what they knew (and who they knew)!
    Blessings to you this Saturday morning!

  15. Good morning my sweet friend! Blessings to you as you rediscover the peace and joy He has placed in your life, and as you adjust to this new season of life. I hope your Mother’s Day weekend is a joyful blessing!!

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