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  1. Sometimes it’s hard for us to remember the good times but the bad times come in effortlessly, right? I think it’s a great practice to focus on the blessings in the past to condition our minds how blessed we are. And we will be always blessed.

    Thanks for sharing and have a lovely Sunday.

    • Lux, I think you are absolutely right. The more we give thanks for the work God has done, the more ready we will be to see and give thanks for what He is now doing and will yet do.

  2. Oh Becky the fire must have been terrifying!
    I know there are many in my life, but the first one I thought of is about my blog. Sometimes I try and try to do something in my own power. Then God shows up and blows me away. I just need to get out of His way!

    • Sarah, oh, how I know that feeling. Let go of our own striving and LET GOD. So glad to hear you have seen His power and faithfulness at work in your life through your blogging.

  3. A thousand times amen and glory and beautiful!

    I am so grateful to learn more about God’s protection and direction in your life! So encouraging!

    A stone to stack on the huge mountain of evidence of God’s faithfulness in my life is when He allowed me to give up my comfortable home so I could follow Him in service and experience daily that He is my home and Comfort and shelter and protection this side of heaven.

    I could list many more, but I’ll stop here and say I’m just so grateful for your witness, friend.

    So grateful for you.

    You make Him smile!

    • God’s fingerprints are ALL over your beautiful life, Elise! You follow Him boldly and He does BOLD things in and through you. It’s a JOY to walk this journey as heart sisters with you. SO so grateful for your constant encouragement. xoxo

    • Thank you, Ginger. Indeed, He does! We can’t always see His fingerprints at the time, but what a joy to look back with clarity on His purposeful presence in our lives.

  4. Becky, It’s nice to meet a beautiful soul with such amazing perspective! Thanks for sharing your story and what God has shown you through it all. It reminds me of the many things my little family reflects on during this month of June. This is the month my husband crashed on a motorcycle 12 years ago leaving him paralyzed, this is the month we got married 6 years ago, and this is also the month our miracle son was born 4 years ago. I praise God because He has been so faithful to us on this journey – it hasn’t always been easy, but we stand firmly on the unchanging promises of God and His forever goodness.

    Many Blessings,

    • Wow, Hannah! What a God-Did-This STORY you are living. Surely He is and will use the testimony of His faithfulness to not only strengthen your faith but to touch many others. Thanks so much for connecting with me today and sharing. xoxo

  5. I love to keep stones of remembrance marking the journey of His faithfulness. I have built quite a pile and He still shows me more through the living out of our days! This is a beautiful story of faithfulness. Thank you for sharing it with us! 🙂 (Stopping by from #TellHisStory)

  6. This is amazing, Becky! I love looking back and remembering all that God has done! He is always actively working things out for our good, but in the midst of it, sometimes it is so hard to see! Hindsight gives us the gift of clearer vision! Great post! I remember just days before my sister and I came to know the Lord, we miraculously escaped a car accident that could have killed us both. We both literally saw a huge hand reach down and felt a pushing of our car to get us safely out of the way. Direct Impact was unavoidable, but God!

    • The GIFT of clear vision. Yes, Karrilee! And what a beautiful and powerful God-Did-This moment you and your sister encountered. Wow. Gives me goose bumps! And he continues to reach down and into our lives every day. So many blessings! Thanks for sharing, friend.

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