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  1. Mary, I can feel the welcoming spirit here and I understand what you mean by saying that when you walk in a friend’s home, it’s like a hug to feel that welcoming spirit. That is the spirit I want to create in my home. Thank you for sharing the many ways God calls us to be welcoming. They are not all easy, all the time.

    • I agree that the rhythm of welcome is not always easy. God provides what we need to open our hearts and ourselves to others in a spirit of welcome. Thank you for being here and for sharing your own welcome with your encouraging words. Blessings!

  2. As writers we’re so used to using metaphors, I forget sometimes that God truly lives in us. I want to learn how to welcome Him. Thanks for the ideas on how make “at home” in our hearts.

    • I love that you joined us today. Your words of encouragement warm my heart and knowing that God loves a welcoming spirit, I am glad to be able to welcome you today. Praying you have a blessed weekend.

  3. Mary, your words to me today bring to mind the thought that I need to be welcoming whatever God brings into my life. There are a few things hanging in the balance right now. Important to me. God is the decider, and I am . . . the decidee? Always an uncomfortable thing for me, but He knows what is best for our family long term, and I will be most honoring to Him and supportive of my family if I WELCOME His plans. Thanks for this Saturday morning boost!

    • Pausing and letting God show us the way to welcome is so hard. If you are like me, you just want to plow ahead and make your own decisions. I appreciate the reminder that welcome looks like welcoming God as well as His plans. Hope your weekend is blessed and love that you joined us today.

    • There are so many people who have modeled for me what it means to be welcoming. My mom was one of the first who showed me what that should look like. It sounds like you are blessed by people in your life who have shown you by their very presence what welcome can and should look like. So glad you are here today. Weekend blessings!

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