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  1. This is great- so often I feel I don’t have enough time but this reminds me that there’s actually a lot that can be done even in small amounts of time if we use it well.

  2. I love this Barbie – and you know how I am passionate about using small chunks of time and how we can do almost anything for just five or ten minutes at a time! Great post!

  3. O yes, we can do so much with 10 minutes. I can write a comment in Dutch, translate it for you and eat a banana in ten minutes 🙂 I love this posting and the deep, biblical lesson it it. Thanks for sharing and may God bless you!

  4. I almost went this route, Barbie but headed a different direction. Love this! It reminded me when my son was younger and we’d play “tidy in ten”. I’d set the music for ten minutes, grab a laundry basket, and we’d tidy up the house and toys. Good memories!

  5. I like your take on 10! Things to do in 10 minutes is a great idea – I wish I’d thought of that! So many different subjects coming out of the woodwork today, I like that, because it’s so unpredictable.
    I try to keep the 10 minute dishwasher thing in mind especially because I hate that job!
    And did you know it only takes me 10 minutes to do my through the Bible reading for one day? Why didn’t I read through the Bible long ago? This is my second year doing it. (Well, ok, I like to try and soak it up a little more than just 10 minutes, but if there I days when that is all I have, I know I can do it!)
    Enjoy your weekend, Barb!

    • It really does only take 10 minutes to read through scripture passages at times. I get stuck sometimes thinking I need to do more, and sometimes I do, but just 10 minutes a day consistently will grow into more time. Thanks for stopping by Ruthie!

  6. We really can do a lot in ten minutes. In ten minutes, I can go for a short bike ride. And I agree in ten minutes, I can write a sweet note to a friend. I love doing that. I’m parked in the # ten spot this week at FMF.

  7. I love that you wrote about time. It seems as if I’m always running late. Mom syndrome, I suppose 🙂

    In ten minutes I can declutter a shelf in the closet and donate excess. And oh how good it feels! Small snippets of time work better for me and eases the overwhelming chore. Blessings!

  8. When we were younger my parents would always say, “If we all work together it will only take FIVE minutes.” There were TEN of us so much could be done in a shorter amount of time when we all worked together. It was much more like TEN minutes though. Probably more but the TEN worked for this particular comment. LOL. There is so many wonderful things we can accomplish in just ten minutes. Love you xoxo

    • I can’t imagine growing up with 10 siblings. How fun. There were five of us and we did accomplish so much more when working together. Hugs!

  9. This is so true. I think we often view a small increment of time…ten minutes…as disposable, time to just “get through” and not of much value. But look at all you mentioned we could accomplish in ten minutes: prayer, exercise, housework. You could make a quick phone call to make an appointment, write an encouraging note or email to a friend, plan a couple meals for the week, tidy up a room (preaching to myself here!), fold a load of laundry. There’s really a lot we could accomplishment in a simple ten minutes. You’ve taught me something important this morning: every minute, every second has tremendous value if we choose to see it. <3

  10. I have loved reading out loud to my kids through the years, and when the noise and chaos (4 boys in 8 years) got to a “certain” level, I would hit the reset button by reading a book (or two) to the boys. I know that you can get through at least one picture book in ten minutes. Even now, with my youngest, we read chapter books out loud, and we may not make it through a whole chapter in ten minutes, but the way life is with three teens in the house . . . we may be fortunate to get ten minutes to read!
    Fun post! One of these days, I’m going to get my life organized and join you five minute writers!

    • Reading is so important. I miss reading to my kids, as they are older now. But I do look forward in reading books together with my 12yo as we homeschool next year. And I would LOVE to see you at the FMF!

  11. love this! I’m always worried about having enough time to do things, but when you think about it, you can do so much with 10 minutes. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Life is divided into a lot of ten minute intervals…i think some meaningful ten minutes of mine lately have been…
    Taking time to read a story
    Giving a back rub
    Listening to a friend
    Packing a picnic
    Holding a toddler for a ten minute walk
    Even letting myself cry for a good ten minutes under the moonlight and trying to let go of some things
    Talking to my dad for ten minutes on the phone

    Good perspective

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